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Mexighetti Sauce

Paleo Mexighetti is exactly what its name implies...spaghetti with a Mexican twist...Paleo style! This dish can easily be prepared entirely in your crock pot. Simply toss all the ingredients together in your slow cooker, stir well, turn to high, and walk away! Salud and Salute! … Continue reading

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Top 10 Paleo/Primal Gifts

Struggling to think of an awesome gift for your Paleo friend/significant other/family member for Christmas or Hanukkah? The fact that they're Paleo may actually make this easier because there are some things you KNOW are important to them: the food they eat and possibly the activities in which they partake. We have some gift ideas for those people. If you're trying to get someone into the Paleo or Primal way of life, many of these ideas will work for them, … Continue reading