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3 Reasons Why CrossFitters Should Also Do Yoga

I will admit up front that I have never been to a CrossFit gym. Before you start hurling barbells at me, give me a chance to explain why yoga could be so great for you, in addition to your CrossFit routine. As CrossFitters, or anyone who does regular lifting, I admire you. There was a time once when I desperately wanted to be one of you, and I still wish I could step into a gym and do a tenth … Continue reading

jump ropes

Essential Fitness Equipment – A Jump Rope

This post is kindly brought to you by Max Shippee, our PaleoFit coach, and knower of all things fitness. "Is there anything I can do at home that will just get my heart rate up?" "Sure! What equipment do you have?" "Equipment?" "Yeah, like a jump rope, yoga mat...that sort of thing. " "No, I don't have any of those. " "None? Nothing? Really?" "Nope." "Well, then first things first." Essential Equipment At the PaleoFit side of PaleoPlan, we pride … Continue reading

Max Shippee

A CrossFit Owner’s Thoughts on 8 Common Criticisms of CrossFit

This is a post addressing some of the major criticisms of CrossFit that people have. If you don't see a question that you have here, PLEASE post it in the comments. We want to do a follow-up post!! This post was written by Max Shippee, CrossFit 1440 Owner and Coach, and PaleoFit Coach.  For a review of what we've already said here about CrossFit at PaleoPlan, here's Jason's great post/response to safety concerns about CrossFit, and Neely's two posts (about … Continue reading

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Do You Really Know How to Squat? Part 4: Shoulders & Back

Fitness guy, Max Shippee, getting more into the squat. Enjoy! "I feel like I'm hunched over all the time." "Do you commute?" "Yes." "Do you work at a computer?" "Yes." "Do you have a 'smartphone'?" "Yes." "Then you probably ARE hunched over all the time." Good posture means good health. Having good posture helps you exude confidence, poise, and even sexiness. We often get so bogged down with life, that we forget this spine of ours can really help us … Continue reading

Bad Squat. Bad squat!

Do You Really Know How to Squat? (Part 2: Knees)

This post was written by the wonderfully sleep deprived father of 3... Max Shippee (It's 10:43 pm: why are you still awake?!!!) "I think my squat is pretty good!" "Really? What are your knees doing?" "What do you mean?" "They're all over the place. Doesn't that hurt?" "I just thought I had bad knees." Hello, knees! Building on last week's "Weight in the Heel" post, we're gonna move upstream from the foot, where your weight should be in your heels. … Continue reading

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Do You Really Know How to Squat? (Part 1)

"I can't squat" "Why not?" "My knees hurt." "Well, let's have a look at your squat." ...22 seconds later... "Are you feeling pain now?" "Um....no." "Seriously?" "Wow! Not at all!" I often wonder if our cavemen ancestors had movement issues. They didn't have coaches to show them how to move properly, or inform them about how going into ketosis is OK during the low food season. Then again, our ancestors weren't sitting all day in their cars & at their … Continue reading

Why I Quit CrossFit: My Neck Injury

I'm sad and humbled to tell you all that I had to quit CrossFit... I told you in my recent post, "I'm A CrossFit Newby: My Thoughts So Far", that I loved it, that I loved my coach at Ruya CrossFit in Boulder, and that I felt strong in ways I've never felt strong before. That it helped my climbing, it was a quick and efficient way of getting fit, and that it's so expensive that you'll actually show up … Continue reading

That's me getting psyched to dead lift.

I’m A CrossFit Newby: My Thoughts So Far

Because Max Shippee will be blogging more here now, we'll be announcing at the beginning of each post who the author is. Thusly, this post was written by Neely Quinn, nutrition slinger. A lot of you probably know that I'm a rock climber. I have been since 1998. I really love it, but this year I got bored with it in about October. I decided to quit until the new year to give my body and mind a break. That's … Continue reading

Paleo Plan

4 Ways Paleo Plan Can Help You With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Since we've had such a flurry of activity over here at Paleo Plan, I wanted to take a moment to bring you all up to speed on what's happened at the website, what we're offering now, and how all these things can help you lose weight, stay on track with a Paleo diet, and get fit for the new year. For a long time now, Jason and I have been wanting to add tools to Paleo Plan to help you … Continue reading

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Burpees +1 = Your New Exercise Plan

"So, I just do one burpee today?" "Yup, then two tomorrow. Three the next day, and so on. Don't quit till you get to 100" "Until I get to 100?" "Yup." "That doesn't seem so bad." "Easy now, this is day one!" Moving a little more each day. You've started the new year off well, accepting the 30-Day Paleo Challenge here at Paleo Plan, and maybe even made it into the gym consistently the past three weeks. Well done! For … Continue reading

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Post Workout Meals

“What should I have for a post-workout shake?” “Food. You mean post-workout food.” “I thought shakes were best.” “The Native Americans didn’t make a smoothie out of the buffalo; they ate it.” You’ve got your nutrition dialed in, you prepare your meals ahead of time to stay on track, but you think there could be a bit more to your metabolism than “pick it or kick it.” Eating After a Big Workout In addition to what we eat, when to … Continue reading

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CrossFit and Paleo: An Expert’s View

I'm happy to introduce you all to our guest blogger today, Max Shippee, who runs CrossFit HAX in suburban Los Angeles. He knows way more about CrossFit than I ever will, and I thought you CrossFitters deserved some words of wisdom about how Paleo can affect your performance. Check out the video below for a better understanding of who this guy is: funny, tough, sadistic, but sweet... Watch for another post by Max this week on the practical implementation of … Continue reading

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Weight Lost

Here's an inspirational success story for everyone eating Paleo, trying to lose weight and feel their best! I am a health and physical education teacher and I also play women's semi-professional football. I suffered a disc injury playing football in the spring of 2009 and by winter of 2009, I reached my highest weight ever of 260 pounds. I knew I needed to do something, so I began to try different things and managed to lose 10 pounds, putting me … Continue reading