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The Everyday Deadlift

So you wanna pick-up something heavy, but you don't want to get hurt doing it? Congratulations, you're actually smart! We'll go over a few things that should build your confidence for lifting heavier things today. It should be noted that we're calling this post "Everyday Deadlift" for a reason. If you're looking to lift some big poundages in the gym, this article probably isn't for you. If you're looking to get the case of water from Costco off the ground … Continue reading

I’m A CrossFit Newby: My Thoughts So Far

Because Max Shippee will be blogging more here now, we'll be announcing at the beginning of each post who the author is. Thusly, this post was written by Neely Quinn, nutrition slinger. A lot of you probably know that I'm a rock climber. I have been since 1998. I really love it, but this year I got bored with it in about October. I decided to quit until the new year to give my body and mind a break. That's … Continue reading