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Caveman Cafeteria Food Truck Serving Paleo Plan Recipe!

Will White got out of the military earlier this year and pretty much immediately opened a Paleo catering company and food truck in Denver. It's called Caveman Cafeteria - check it out. Will, who's also a badass comedian, found Paleo while he was serving in Iraq and lost 25 pounds because of it. He decided the entire Denver area needed to have access to Paleo foods, too. Read an interview posted on nourishpaleofoods.com with Will to learn more about him. This … Continue reading

Boulder Paleo Meetup

My Boulder Paleo Meetup

So this is the worst quality picture ever, but luckily I got a new camera as a wedding gift (hooray!), so this kind of terrible photography will never happen again. I promise. However, it's a picture of some of the attendants at my first Paleo meetup in Boulder, which is AWESOME! This post is just to encourage you all to set up or join a Paleo meetup in your area. I put mine together at www.meetup.com, and while it did … Continue reading

Jimmy and Neely

My Paleo Meetup in Denver with Jimmy Moore, Peggy Emch, and Many More

I am not a super social person (and neither is my fiancé), but we couldn't resist the invitation to attend a Paleo Meetup in Denver last night that Jimmy Moore of Livin' La Vida Low-Carb was going to be at. Not only that, but one of my favorite bloggers, Peggy Emch of www.theprimalparent.com, was going to be there, so I would have a chance to meet her, too. The reason for the dinner was that the American Society Of Bariatric … Continue reading