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Winner of The Caffeine Contest

Just a short post to tell you all thank you so much for participating in the caffeine challenge. I understand how difficult it is to give up the joe - I know it's a monumental task, and I commend you all for even considering doing it. It warmed my heart to see all the amazing comments and emails from people about how giving up caffeine changed their life. I hope it's at least given you some insight into how caffeine … Continue reading

Member Suggestion: Jerky

We just received an email from a member telling us about a fantastic source for Paleo friendly, good, clean, grass fed beef jerky.  Check it out here. Hi, I am new to the Paleo Plan, but a couple of weeks ago I was looking for some free range jerky to buy online and I found this website and just received their jerky in the mail and it's amazing!! I'm pretty sure it's Paleo friendly, but like I said I'm new … Continue reading