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How My Dog Went Totally Paleo. Raw Paleo.

I wrote a blog post a while back called "My Dog Eats (mostly) Paleo". The title started out without the "(mostly)", but I added the descriptor when a commenter rightfully pointed out that my dog, Zala, was not totally Paleo. After all, she was eating kibble every day, even if it was the most expensive, Paleo-ish kibble we could find. Why Paleo? If eating Paleo is going back to our roots and eating the way we evolved to eat, then … Continue reading

Q&A: Can’t Find “Grass-Fed” Pig or Chicken…

The following is an excellent question and answer that came from our forums that I thought you all should see. Q: One thing that I keep bumping up against in the quest for grass-fed meat is that question of chicken and pigs. I grew up on and around farms and I never recall seeing either one of these two animals graze on grass. In looking at chicken and pork in the grocery stores, even the organic type stores, I don’t … Continue reading

How to Buy and Store Local Bulk Meat

We all want "good" meat. Grass-fed cows are much closer to what our Paleolithic ancestors ate than those obese, corn-fed cows, right? It's better for us. The same goes for pigs, chickens, turkeys, and whatever other animals you like to eat. They're healthier for us when they are healthy, and that means they need to eat the right food. Their own "Paleo" diet, if you will. You get it. But how on God's earth are you supposed to find the … Continue reading

Meat Labels: What Do They Mean?

I don’t know about you, but I spend a LOT of time at the meat counter at the grocery store.  I love my meat.  We all do, otherwise we probably wouldn’t be Paleo. Not all meats are created equally, though, and they all have different, sometimes confusing labels on them – all natural, organic, grass-fed, free-range, etc.  Instead of just throwing up your hands in confusion and settling for the cheapest option, I want you to be versed in the … Continue reading