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Pumpkin Custard

If you want to embrace the pumpkiny nature of Thanksgiving, but making a pie seems too daunting, then this pumpkin custard recipe is the perfect easy dessert that will delight your diners with both presentation and flavor! It can be prepared in individual serving glasses, or in one large glass dish, with the same, festive results! … Continue reading


Whole Citrus Roasted Turkey

The turkey is always the “big deal” of the Thanksgiving feast, yet many worry that it’s too hard to roast their own whole turkey. This Whole Citrus Roasted Turkey recipe yields delicious, juicy results without a ton of headache and with the fresh, unexpected zestiness of citrus flavors. You’ll be sure to delight the palates of your guests (and yourself!) with this exceptionally mouth-watering bird that is anything but dry. … Continue reading

happy man cooks vegetables on the grill, family picnic

10 Tips For a 4th of July Paleo Party

Holiday celebrations are traditionally based around sharing food with friends and family, which can get a little tricky when you’re eating Paleo. The Fourth of July tends to be dominated by barbeques, hamburgers and hot dogs, booze, explosions, setting things on fire, and other American favorites.  Whether you’re navigating a non-Paleo party this year or throwing your own 4th of July celebration, here’s a few tips that will help you to party Paleo-style! If you eat partially Paleo (80/20 rule … Continue reading


Seeing Green For A Paleo St. Patrick’s Day!

I've been a fan of St. Patrick's Day for as long as I can remember, even though I'm not really Irish. I say not really because there's only a small part of my genetics that are Irish (a whopping 5%). I'm primarily German, with some roots in the Amish community. While German food is great, I've always been a huge fan of Irish food, Irish culture, and well, Ireland itself. One of the extra bonuses I got from marrying my … Continue reading


Deconstructed Shepherd’s Pie

This dish provides all of the delightful flavor of the savory, Irish favorite shepherd's pie, but with a more upscale presentation. By cooking each component separately, it allows for a unique celebration of each ingredient's best flavors. Buffalo steaks make this dish unique, although lamb or beef work just as well. While this isn't a quick throw together meal, the effort put into cooking this dish will pay off and it'll quickly become a favorite holiday, special occasion, or even … Continue reading


Irish Soda Bread

Almost every pub in Ireland has its own special way to make soda bread. This soda bread—which rises from the interaction of baking soda, cream of tartar, and apple cider vinegar—has just a hint of sweetness that will make it the perfect complement to your soup, stew, or roast (or paired with ghee for a quick snack). Soda bread by nature is dense and dry, but this allows it to perfectly soak up the flavors of whatever meal you've paired … Continue reading


Paleo Plan Holiday Gift Guide

DOWNLOAD OUR PDF VERSION - print and start shopping...   Looking for the perfect gift for the Paleo or fitness fanatic in your life? Our team at Paleo Plan has put together this uber handy shopping list of a few of our favorite things...that we’re pretty sure the Paleo peeps in your life are gonna love too! Most of these gifts are available online, and if you place your orders soon, they should arrive before the holidays do. Happy shopping, and … Continue reading


Hot Cocoa

Did you know you can enjoy hot cocoa while on the Paleo diet plan? This easy to make sweet treat idea is packed with vitamins and perfect for a cold or rainy day. Serve it to your friends at your next event or save it for yourself when you need something sweet to get you through the day. … Continue reading

Lytton Winter Scene

5 Tips To Get Back On The Paleo Train

I hope all your holidays were fantastic and that you enjoyed some much-deserved time off to be with your families and friends. Seth and I went to his parents' house and spent a few relaxing days playing Catch Phrase, eating good food, putting together an entire winter scene (that's what's in the picture), and opening fun presents. Our dinner wasn't anything too ornate, since we went nutso on Thanksgiving with cooking. Our Simple Christmas Dinner We bought a couple three-pound … Continue reading


Q&A: Navigating A Non-Paleo Holiday

We recently received a question from a reader that we think you might be able to relate with. With the holiday season in full force right now, a lot of you are stressing about how you're going to navigate Christmas dinner and dessert without offending, confusing, and/or alienating your family... Q: Hi, I am wondering how you get around being at social functions? Being Italian, big holiday meals are the norm for my family. I get frustrated trying to explain … Continue reading