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The Great Wild Asparagus Hunt

That right there is wild asparagus, gathered by my in-laws, my husband, and me on my husband's birthday this past weekend. We went asparagus hunting, hunter-gatherer style! This activity should be a common thing to do in the spring, but I don't personally know anyone else who does it. Asparagus can be pretty expensive at the grocery store, as you know. So driving a few miles out of Boulder to a few irrigation ditches to scour the earth for some of … Continue reading

Deep Thoughts on the Paleo Diet

Due to my current vacationing status, I took this post on the Paleo Diet from my personal blog and re-published it here. Enjoy! Throughout my ongoing research on hunter-gatherer/Paleolithic eating, I've had a tortuous train of thoughts.  Actually, let's be honest — it's been pretty bipolar up in here.  Here's a cognitive rundown, in order. 1. Grains and legumes are ridiculous sources of "food" — why would we ever have chosen such difficult things to digest to be the bulk of our diet?  Why were … Continue reading