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Prosciutto Melon Wrap-Ups

These simple snacks will satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. Make them as described, or make a summer salad by cubing the melon and tossing it with thinly sliced prosciutto, mint and a splash of extra-virgin olive oil. You could also make kebabs by threading cubed melon, slices of prosciutto and whole mint leaves on wooden skewers. This recipe would also be excellent with fresh figs or ripe peaches instead of melon. Fresh basil leaves may also be used in … Continue reading

Salami Stackers

These tasty little snacks are easy to pack on the go. Don't like tomatoes and Dijon? Try pickled peppers and horseradish, or simply smear a slice of avocado with freshly ground black pepper instead.

Makes a snack for two.
Approximate prep time:5 minutes

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wedding cupcake cake

Paleo(ish) Wedding Cupcakes

For the last month and a half whilst making arrangements for my upcoming wedding, I've been buzzing around shopping for dresses, suits, and shoes, tearing out my hair picking flowers, making tedious decisions concerning rings and menus, and crying my eyes out while choosing ceremony passages to be read by our loved ones. This thing is a roller coaster, as I'm sure everyone who's married can attest. Amidst all of this stress (I know, I know - my life is … Continue reading