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Is The Cost of Eating Paleo Worth It?

One of the main concerns with going Paleo is always the cost of the food, so I wanted to take a moment to really clear that argument up. The last blog post I wrote was about how you can eat Paleo on a budget. This blog post will show you that even if you don't eat the same 6 ingredients day in and day out to try to save money, you will nevertheless probably be saving money in the longrun. … Continue reading

What the Spanish Can Teach Us

In the two weeks I've been in Spain, I've had some revelations about what makes a healthy individual, and, in turn, what odd things make a healthy (healthier than the U.S., at least) nation. Some convictions that have been turned on their heads? Don't eat too late at night. Don't smoke.  And don't eat strange additives. Those doctrines have been some of the cornerstones of my life and my nutrition practice for some time now, and I'm having to reconsider … Continue reading