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The Paleo Diet – 4 Benefits of Eating More Protein

One thing you’ll notice about a Paleo diet meal plan is that it kind of leans towards a diet with higher protein intake. While this is a common observation, it’s not exactly what the Paleolithic diet is about. In fact, counting your protein intake should not be as important as the diet’s basic tenet of consuming real, natural foods free of preservatives and other synthetic enhancers. Likewise, protein intake should take a backseat when compared to refocusing your diet to make it more balanced, … Continue reading

Chocolate and The Paleo Diet

Chocolate is a relatively recent indulgence that is often labeled as off limits by people on the Paleo diet. Of course, if you’re a purist, there’s no denying the fact that our Paleolithic ancestors simply didn’t access this sinfully delectable sweet. However, chocolate can be good if eaten in moderation. This article will look at a number of chocolate facts and go over its many pros and cons. Afterwards, you should be able to determine whether continuing to consume chocolate … Continue reading

How a Paleo Cookbook Can Help You Succeed

The Paleo diet also known as Paleolithic diet or caveman diet is believed to help people lose weight fast and effectively. It’s composed of meals and foods that were around some 2.5 million years ago, the time when people lived in caves, used rustic stone tools and obtained food through hunting and gathering. Many foods that we normally think of as healthy and nutritious are eliminated from the diet. Meals are stripped down to their most basic forms, generally composed … Continue reading