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The Food Lover’s Guide to Paleo Snacks

When folks are first starting down the Paleo path, one of the top questions they have is, “Are there Paleo snacks? Can I have snacks on a Paleo diet?” The short answer is, yes—snacks are allowed on a Paleo plan! This is a complete guide to all of your Paleo snack options, including homemade and store-bought. Whether or not you should be snacking on your diet is up to you and your hunger levels. When people are transitioning to the … Continue reading

Coconut and Hazelnut Stuffed Dates

Coconut and Hazelnut Stuffed Dates

Coconut butter (also called coconut “manna”) is the flesh of fresh coconut that is pressed with oil until it is a creamy, decadent consistency. When stuffed inside tender dates, and topped with crunchy toasted nuts, it makes a delicious snack full of fiber and healthy fats. This simple three ingredient snack is perfect when you don’t have a lot of time, but still want something a bit indulgent. If you enjoyed this Coconut and Hazelnut Stuffed Dates recipe, try our Nutella Inspired … Continue reading


PaleoPax Provides Snacks and Surprises

If you're the kind of person who loves surprises AND you need more Paleo snacks in your life, PaleoPax is your answer. Basically you subscribe for as little as $18 per month, depending on your appetite, and they send a hand-selected variety of Paleo snacks to your doorstep to keep you honest when you're on the run or travelling. The items are a surprise, but you can let them know about any special food needs you have (no nuts, no coconut, etc.) Here's … Continue reading