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The Paleo Diet – 4 Benefits of Eating More Protein

One thing you’ll notice about a Paleo diet meal plan is that it kind of leans towards a diet with higher protein intake. While this is a common observation, it’s not exactly what the Paleolithic diet is about. In fact, counting your protein intake should not be as important as the diet’s basic tenet of consuming real, natural foods free of preservatives and other synthetic enhancers. Likewise, protein intake should take a backseat when compared to refocusing your diet to make it more balanced, … Continue reading

Paleo in A Nutshell

Despite having read up on Paleo and believing in it yourself, you probably get a lot of questions about your diet. When people notice you passing on the bun, opting for the salad or studying food labels, they might want to know why. When they notice you looking and feeling better than ever, they’re really going to want to know how you did it. Handing them a book is fine, but chances are they won't read it. Take your opportunities … Continue reading