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The Evolution of Your Paleo Journey

If you’re like me, you like things to be consistent and stable. Sure, I like variety, but in a very controlled and expected sort of way. I like things to make sense. When I first started following the Paleo diet, I assumed I would be eating the very same way for the rest of my life. It just made sense, right? Why ever change it up or add things back or (gasp) eat non-Paleo foods again? I just could never … Continue reading

36 Hours Left to Get the Primal Life Kit (30 Products for $39)

THIS SALE IS NOW OVER AS OF 4/10/13. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST!   There are currently about 36 hours left to get the Primal Life Kit that we put together here at Paleo Plan - the sale ends tonight (Tuesday) at 11:59pm Pacific Time on April 9th. The Primal Life Kit is a $39 "bundle" of 30 Primal/Paleo products worth about $485. Plus there are 8 discount codes on your favorite products in there! You can check out all of … Continue reading