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Reminder For The Caffeine Contest And Jerky Update

Last week on Thursday, I challenged you to stop consuming caffeine. In order to win the $75 in jerky and a free hour of Private Paleo Coaching with me, start writing in today about how it's going for you. Some of you have already written in with, quite honestly, some amazing results. Please comment in one of three places in order to be automatically entered to win: 1) below this post OR 2) on our Facebook page here OR 3) … Continue reading

Private Paleo Coaching

Last week we added "Coaching" to our services at Paleo Plan, and I wanted to take a minute to tell you exactly what that entails. Private coaching is conducted via phone or video chat for people who've: 1) tried eating Paleo but faileo-ed and want to try again 2) been Paleo for a while but aren't having quite the success that they'd hoped for 3) or for people who are having great success and want to know scientifically WHY those … Continue reading