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Car Camping Paleo

To soothe our nerves after the last few frenzied months of wedding planning and then wedding doing, Seth and I decided we'd spend the month of July in my favorite rock climbing area, Rifle Mountain Park near Rifle, Colorado. That means we are eating (Paleo), sleeping, climbing, and working out of our car for the next month. Well, to be exact, we have a huge tent this year - we're not actually sleeping IN the car, but you get the … Continue reading

Paleo Athletes: A Climber’s Diet

I've decided that what this blog needs is more talk about sports nutrition and Paleo athletes. A lot of you are athletes, and whether or not I want to believe it, I am, too. I say that because when I was asked as a kid what sports I played, I actually replied "I play piano." The first team sports I ever endured were in high school, the age at which most kids, having started playing soccer at age 3, have … Continue reading