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Sleeping Late, Drinking Wine: The Fountain of Youth?

This picture is of Grigoris Tsahas, a 99 year-old man who lives in Ikaria, Greece. I think he looks pretty freaking good for 99, don't you? Ikaria is a breezy, warm island located on the eastern side of the Aegean sea, just west of Turkey. A recent article in the New York Times Magazine, "The Island Where People Forget To Die", highlighted the lifestyle of the astounding number of nonagenarians (people in their 90's) and centenarians (people in their 100's) who live … Continue reading


Sleep Part 3: How To Get More of It

So after part 1 and part 2 of this blog series on sleep, we know why we should get more sleep - at least 8 hours a night. Now let's talk about ways to go about getting more sleep and better sleep. Before we begin, I have to say that my sleeping habits are not perfect. I sometimes have trouble falling asleep, and my sleep is at times filled with anxiety, to the point where it doesn't really feel like sleep … Continue reading

Sleep Part 2: What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Body

In the last blog post, I talked about America's sleeping habits. Namely, that Americans only sleep about 7 hours a night, which is not enough. That kind of sleep deprivation makes people more likely to eat sugary foods, not have the energy for everyday things, miss out on family functions, not have sex, not exercise, not be as productive at work, among other things. People who slept less than 6 hours a night also were more likely to be obese. … Continue reading

Not Sleeping Enough Could Make You Fat and Antisocial: Part 1

Sleep affects your health in all kinds of ways; it's not just all about diet and exercise. But getting enough sleep is in the same category as getting enough sunlight, lowering stress levels, and giving up Diet Coke: they're all crucial to health enlightenment and yet they're all regularly ignored by health seekers. Why does being healthy have to be so damn... life-altering? It's enough that you have to scrap the pasta, tofu, and cheddar cheese. Now you have to … Continue reading