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Q&A: Can I Eat Chocolate?

Here's a question I'm sure MANY of you have had. Anyone else have any thoughts on chocolate? Hello, My husband and I recently started eating a Paleo diet and we have already noticed many positive changes. We are hooked! In my past life, I was addicted to chocolate. While I do my best to stay away from it, every now and then I give in and cheat with a little dark chocolate. What are your feelings about this? Am I … Continue reading

soy lecithin

Q&A: Is Soy Lecithin Paleo?

Hi Neely, I just noticed that one of my supplements contains soy lecithin. I know it's a by product of the soy after the oil has been extracted and according to the information I've attached, it is actually not very good for you, despite previous claims that it is excellent for many things. They say that even though it's an extract there always remains some soy in it. Would you suggest I discontinue this stuff? Thanks for your response. Mark … Continue reading