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More On Protein Powder

This week, I'll continue with my protein powder dissection.  Like I said in my last post about soy protein, I know that a lot of you make exceptions in your otherwise Paleo diets for things like protein powders.  As I've iterated over and over, I do not condone protein powders as mainstays in people's diets - it hurts my soul to think of you guys subsisting on weird, flavored powders.  Real, whole, nutrient dense food is the way to go.  … Continue reading

What About Protein Powders?

I get this question a LOT.  "What protein powder is best?"  It's like asking me which black and white TV is best - the 12" or the 15"? Neither - they're black and white TVs.  And they're small.  What we all want is a Samsung 65" 1080p / 240Hz / 3D LED-LCD HDTV, right?  That's what I want, anyway, and if anyone has $6,000 to spare you can get me that for my birthday next week.  To be perfectly clear, … Continue reading