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Tallow – Homemade

Tallow is the fat rendered from meat other than pork, most generally beef fat. Rendering is the process by which animal fat is melted and clarified, resulting in a pure fat source. You can ask your butcher or local rancher if they have grass-fed fat for sale that you can use for rendering tallow. If you're planning to buy a grass-fed cow, ask the butcher to save the fat (and organs!) for you. You can also ask them to cube it … Continue reading

What is Tallow and How to Make Your Own Tallow

Before I go telling you how to make tallow, let me first tell you what it is, and why you'd want to make it. You're probably starting to see "tallow" around the Paleo/Primal blogosphere in the "eat this" category. Tallow is rendered fat from meat other than pork - often beef. (Rendered fat from pork is called lard.) What is rendering? It just means to melt something down. The reason I wanted tallow in my own kitchen is because it's … Continue reading