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What Keeps You Paleo Motivated?

A common theme among my clients is finding their motivation. What motivates them to make such big changes in their diet and lifestyle? When we figure it out, it's from this place of clarity that they can then make choices with integrity every day. What are your goals today, this week, and for the next year that keep you out of the bread basket? It's different for every person. Today one client said, "I just want to get back to … Continue reading


How To Resist Temptation Over Any Holiday

  If you've been losing weight on the Paleo diet this year, you know that it can be a finnicky process. For some people on the diet it's easy as... er... cake, but for others not so much. One slip and the pounds come back and you're defeated. Sucks to have bad genes or a messed up metabolism, or both. Enter Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hanukkah, and beyond. Self control and logic are lost to impulsiveness and rationalization. Delicious food is … Continue reading