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My $1500 Lab Tests: 5 Month Update

In September of 2012, I started seeing a naturopath in Boulder (Eric Dorninger) to finally tackle some of my health issues that Paleo just wasn't helping. Seeing him is not cheap, as he has requisite upfront testing that costs about $1500 plus his consulting fees. All the little symptoms I was having weren't really enough to get me to go see him; it was my sneaking suspicion that I had a parasite that finally made me bite the bullet. Note: If … Continue reading

Nutritional Ketosis Update

I'm on day 5 of my nutritional ketosis diet (details on the why and how of this experiment in my last blog post). That's a scantily clad me over there to the right on my second day into this. A "before" picture, if you will. Hoping to look like a body builder by the end of this. No, not really. Since this has already been such a dynamic experience, I'm going to start sharing some quick thoughts on it throughout … Continue reading