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14 Tips to Overcoming Weight Plateaus

Whether you've been on a weight loss journey for one day, one week, or one year, when the expectations of weight loss don't match up to real life, it can feel incredibly frustrating. Having been on the diet train for a number of years myself before I ever experienced any measurable success, I definitely went through several diets, failures, and falling deeper into the pit of obesity and other related health issues. Regardless of what brings you here, you want … Continue reading

Max Shippee

Your Turkey Day Workout!

This post was kindly written by our sadistic talented PaleoFit coach and CrossFit owner, Max Shippee :)  "Oh...my...god." "What?" "These are PERFECT!" "Um...what are those?" "They're my pregnancy pants, with the elastic waist!" "Um....you're not pregnant anymore, why the excitement?" "They can be my Thanksgiving dinner pants! Room for expansion! Duh!" "Oooohhhhh...right" So, it's coming. We all know it. The biggest, most baddest cheat day of the year. Christmas is one thing. You can kind of excise yourself from the … Continue reading

jump ropes

Essential Fitness Equipment – A Jump Rope

This post is kindly brought to you by Max Shippee, our PaleoFit coach, and knower of all things fitness. "Is there anything I can do at home that will just get my heart rate up?" "Sure! What equipment do you have?" "Equipment?" "Yeah, like a jump rope, yoga mat...that sort of thing. " "No, I don't have any of those. " "None? Nothing? Really?" "Nope." "Well, then first things first." Essential Equipment At the PaleoFit side of PaleoPlan, we pride … Continue reading

Befores and afters

From 50% to 10% Body Fat and Allergies & Heartburn Gone…

Just received this AMAZING success story from a Paleo Plan user. What a fantastic way to end my week! Hey Neely, Jason & Gang, I got turned onto Paleo about a 13-14 months ago by a friend on Facebook, and then found your site, and then bought your book. Took a challenge, felt great/lost weight and then I never looked back! And this is what it has done for me in that time (247 pounds & 50% BF @ start … Continue reading

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Q&A: I Can’t Exercise – Will I Still Lose Weight on Paleo?

This post was written by Neely. Here's a quick Q&A between a Paleo Plan reader and me, just in case you have this same question... Q: Good evening Neely, I recently had a couple of back operations (Nov & Dec 2012) and am not yet allowed to exercise other than walking.  I started doing the PaleoPlan with my husband a week ago and I'm wondering if my inability to exercise too much is going to have a negative impact on … Continue reading

Lotsa new years resolutions

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Sucked Last Year (And How You Can Make This Year’s Better)

Statistics say that about half (45%) of Americans make New Year's resolutions. Resolutions usually involve self improvement, money, and/or weight loss. In fact, 38% of resolvers wanted to lose weight in 2012. Only 8% of all resolvers attained their goal in 2012. And that's not for lack of trying. Over 75% of people were still on their new path to self improvement after 2 whole weeks last January! That number trickled down gradually until June, when fewer than half (46%) of … Continue reading

october 2012

Paleo Plan Success Story

This is a fantastic success story from one of our Quickstart Guide and Paleo Challenge ebook users. The first part of this was originally written in the beginning of September 2012. Enjoy! For me, today is the last day of week six on your Quickstart Challenge. I'm sure you get messages like this all the time, but I wanted to add my experience and thank you for your guidance on my road to better health. I have Celiac disease (diagnosed … Continue reading

Neely Quinn, Nutrition Therapist

My Intermittent Fasting Experiment

That pic is of me, just in case you don't know what I look like... Anyway, Max Shippee's guest posts on intermittent fasting part 1, part 2, and part 3 really got me thinking about experimenting with intermittent fasting. Yeah, I'd played around with eating windows before, like when I was slightly anorexic and not eating anything past 6pm every day, which left me struggling to make it up a flight of stairs with my extremely decreased caloric intake. But … Continue reading

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Babies, Peanut Butter, Raw Milk, and Feeding Tubes for Weight Loss

So, I've been a TAD bit busy with wedding planning this week. Engagement photos, suit shopping, flower buying, musician procuring, and on and on. Even with only 23 guests, this thing is very stressful! So I've been neglecting my blogging duties, but I'm going to make up for it by telling you about the most interesting things I've heard in the Paleo world lately. Yes, I do still make time for reading my favorite bloggers amidst my chaos! Baby Boy … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cake for Breakfast Makes You Lose Weight? Come on.

Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz (we'll call her Dr. J from here on out) and some other researchers in Tel Aviv recently published a study in the journal, Steroids, called "Meal timing and composition influence ghrelin levels, appetite scores and weight loss maintenance in overweight and obese adults". The media is all over it right now because they've concluded from this study that, in Dr. J's own words, "Eating chocolate cake as part of a full breakfast can help you lose weight." … Continue reading

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Top 5 Paleo Plan Blog Posts of 2011

Before we get ahead of ourselves in 2012, let's take a look back at what we learned in 2011. The blog is a place for not only the occasional rant, but also new information and encouragement. Here are the top 5 blog posts from 2011. If you haven't read these yet, maybe take a look at them and see if you learn something new. Anyone else have any favorites? 1. What To Eat For A Paleo Breakfast 2. Stop Eating … Continue reading

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Introducing Paleo Plan’s Forums!

The Paleo trend is growing. I recently went to Southern Florida and was asked a few times what I did for a living. When I told people I run a Paleo diet meal planning website, some of them actually knew what that meant! At Paleo Plan, part of our mission is to spread the good Paleo word so that even more people around the globe will know what Paleo is, just like they know what "vegetarian" or "gluten free" is. … Continue reading

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“CrossFit Chick” Loses Weight & Improves Breast Health With Paleo

This is a woman's Paleo story that inspired us so much, we decided to make a whole blog post out of it. After all, Paleo is not just about weight loss, and this story is a perfect example of that. My name is Betsy Hodgdon and I'm 40 years old. I have a 10 year old daughter and I work full time for an online language learning company. I travel for work and I've figured out how to do paleo … Continue reading

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Weight Lost

Here's an inspirational success story for everyone eating Paleo, trying to lose weight and feel their best! I am a health and physical education teacher and I also play women's semi-professional football. I suffered a disc injury playing football in the spring of 2009 and by winter of 2009, I reached my highest weight ever of 260 pounds. I knew I needed to do something, so I began to try different things and managed to lose 10 pounds, putting me … Continue reading

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Reader Questions Answered

We received a couple great questions recently - one on the role of nuts in the Paleo diet, and Paleo Plan in particular.  The other is yet another continuation of our story of Barb, but it's on the importance of breakfast for weight loss.  Read on! Here's the first one on nuts. I noticed in the menu that there is a decent amount of nut products used. I, however, just read an article regarding the anti-nutritive properties of nuts and … Continue reading

Fatigue and Belly Fat, Continued

After my last post, Q&A: Fatigue and That Pesky Belly Fat, I received a message from the member who originally wrote in with the question. I know there are a lot of people out there just like her, a middle aged woman struggling with her weight and her thyroid, so I thought I'd post our correspondence for you all. She answered some of my questions from the post, and gave us more details about her situation. Dear Neely, Thank you … Continue reading