Paleo Plan

Week 52 : Workout 1


This workout was posted on December 20, 2012

Baseline Workout – Overview

Today’s workout involves one movement: the burpee

  • 50 Burpees

You will perform 50 burpees as fast as possible and note your time.
Workout Time Frame: 5-10 minutes.

IF YOU ARE A VERY BEGINNER – cut this workout to 30 burpees (see below). No one should go longer than 10 minutes for this workout. If you haven’t finished at 10 minutes, STOP and record how many you’ve done.

If it takes you:

  • 3 minutes or less, you are advanced
  • 3-6 minutes you’re intermediate
  • 6+ minutes you’re a beginner
  • could only do 30, very beginner :)

That’s the basic, basic break down.



  • Do 30 instead of 50
  • Use elevated surface for the push-up
  • Burpees without push-up
  • No jump


  • Be “strict” with the push-up/ no “flopping”
  • Burpees with a long jump after the push-up
  • Place target 16-20 in (or more) above your tip toe reach.
  • Touch target each jump instead of clapping.


The Burpee

Standard clap overhead. From a standing position, place hands 18-24 inches in front of feet, kick both feet back, drop to push-up, jump feet back to start, stand and jump while clapping overhead.


  1. ridesabike2

    7:31. Short and sweet. Perfect for today!

  2. 6:30. Felt good after yesterday’s sedentary madness!

  3. 8:37 Sluggish from holiday treats but feeling good!

  4. jillybean4

    5:56 I Love Burpees, i love burpees, I love burpees

  5. elcid86

    Ok, just signed up for this…I’m at 285 and need to lose the weight…send the encouragement!

    • You got it Stephen!!!

      Just take it one workout at a time, one day at a time!! And keep us updated!!!

  6. Patrick

    50 in 6 min. I had to drink some water in there also.

  7. Fransfit

    First timer here.

    30 burpees in 1:38.

    I die.

    But I did it. :) Will add onto that soon!

  8. kpholman

    First timer here as well. I haven’t exercised in months, and have successfully avoided burpees for years – until today. I lost count somewhere in the misery, and think I overcompensated, but we’ll say:

    50 “easier” (most without the push-up) in 7 minutes, 23 seconds. Woohoo!

  9. cayjackson

    50 in 6:32!

  10. Vikx993

    Well BF and I had a go, man we are unfit! We each did 30 I did mine in 3:57 and he did his in 3:42. We shall improve!

  11. Bernicepaneda

    Did 50 in 3:47min no pushups…hard stuff! But as they say ” No Pain No Gain”

  12. blueelectrcstorm

    Just did 40 of the saddest little burpees in 4 minutes. No jumping after the first 10 and no pushups…but since I’m recovering from a year’s worth of sedentary-ness and carrying around 50 more lbs of tummy than I used to…I’m totally ok with that.

  13. 413writer

    50 in 5:20min. Yes to pushups, no to jumping back into the pushup position after the first 20 or so. Gah.

  14. I’m a bit out of practice but its great to see everyone else’s comments on trying! It’s more encouraging than just reading what I should be doing. Thanks y’all!

  15. So how do I determine what category I am in? I know my time now…is it just a baseline measure to compare to after awhile?

  16. Schmittette

    I did 30 in 3:03. Could have made 50 but my push-ups went from strict to flop pretty quick.

  17. khm205

    That was so bad! I did 30 easier ones (with elevated surface AND no pushup- but yes jumping) in 2:13. Blah. I want to try again- started with 10 to the floor but quickly had to add table. Yikes.

  18. 4HavirFam

    30 easy (and then easier) Burpees in 3:11. Completely out of breath. Gonna be completing 2 of the same workout each day, if that’s ok. I have 8 weeks til my honey gets home and I Ned some measurable results!

  19. Sheaken16

    50 push up burpees in 4:14. Where does it show if your time makes you a beginner, intermediate or advanced?

  20. Sheaken16

    Thank you Neely, that helps a lot.

  21. Ok, just did the burpees. I am a very beginner beginner. Did 30 burpees in 10 min. No clap, no pushup and did not kick the legs back or bring them back together. 16wks out from a total knee replacement, should not do any jumping or explosive moves. So when burpees come around again, maybe you could give me a different exercise to do. Did I mention I was breathless.


    Right so after a week of looking at it i have finally done it but elected for 30 only as I am not use to HIT anymore.
    30 burpees = 2min09sec
    Looks like it could be intermedia as the old legs was definitely playing up.

    Looking forward to this.

  23. jnancern

    Okay, I did it, 50 Burpees in 3.30 minutes. Poor form and no push-ups with my spaghetti arms.

  24. nhediger1

    Just 13 weeks after rotator cuff surgery to repair three ruptured tendons, so after/with faithful PT, am trying this for the first time. 30 burpees with elevated surface to protect shoulder: 2:27.

  25. Melissamclaren64

    First workout in a LONG LONG time. 30 burpees. Started off doing the traditional version then moved to the easier modified surface after about 20. 30 burpees in 5:54. We’re going with beginner.

  26. Iluv0scar

    Beginner here. 50 squat thrusts (modified burpee -no push-up, no jump) in 2:52. Tomorrow I’ll add jump and push-up and see how long that takes. Puffing like I just ran the Kentucky derby.

  27. histerika

    Managed 30 in 4:20, but very sloppy and not so great with the push-ups.

    I haven’t worked out in forever, and am going to call myself Beginner.

  28. kfalken

    yep, sticking with beginner for now!

  29. meridian

    4:54:00 And now I am going to go vomit. 50 is alot! Lol.

  30. 9 months post-partum.. Man way more out of shape than I thought. 50 in 6:04…. they were not pretty modified with NO pushup. But my daughter loved watching mommy jumping around and counting to fifty :) Going to collapse on the floor with her now.

  31. Jessicambay

    Woohoo! 5:35 for 50 burpees – Intermediate! I thought I’d be beginner for sure…

  32. 4:42 for 50 burpees

  33. AviMu1990

    Oh my gosh – that was depressing. I have never done a burpee before but I’ve always heard about how terrible they are. I got to ten in a bit under a minute, then rested for ten minutes, then did another ten and I couldn’t even lift myself. Oh my gosh – total TOTAL beginner. How embarrassing, and I always thought I was pretty fit. I guess not!

  34. subal428

    6:31 for the warm up, ouch.

  35. Stoffa

    7.38 for 50

  36. mloumls2725

    I’d been a paleo plan subscriber before, but moved and then went away for work. Now have signed up for both the meal plan and fitness plan! Very excited – this looks exactly what I need. I will start the workouts Monday
    I’m a beginner – maybe even a total beginner! Haha – I lift weights twice a week but those burpees are something else!

  37. briah2665

    Wife and I did did the warm up and baseline today…….I did 50 with no push ups in 7:20, wife did 30 in 7:30 (had to sit for a minute because she felt faint). We were doing the warm up for the last few days so we would not do it all for the first time today. We both felt really proud after we finished, tired but proud.


    First timer – 50 in under 3min, but cut the jump and press up after 25. Intermediate, I think?



    Little work and I can jump back up to that above average catagory!

  40. scubamom16

    Just signed up yesterday for the meal and fitness plan! Just over a year since working out 3x week with a personal trainer so needless to say…I am outta shape!! I completed 50 burpees in 5:52 however…first 35 were inclined with pushup (used second stair on staircase) and last 15 were traditional with jump but no pushup. I assume this would be considered beginner??

  41. AmandaGrace

    Just signed up a couple of days ago. I did the first 10 or so with a push-up. Then switched just jumping up and down. But I finished all 50! I am very beginner.


    Gassed at 30… Begwiener.


    8:13 50 years old as of today. Got your plan as a birthday present. Have already been eating Paleo-ish, but committing more fully.

    I had to modify your burpees. Due to an achilles issue and a huge bone spur, I used a low wall, stepped back, did my push up and then stepped in and hopped/clapped. Knowing that wasn’t using my whole body, after 50 of those, I stood in front of a low chair and put my hands on the edge. I lowered myself to my knees and then stood back up 50 times, alternating which leg lowered and which one raised my body.

    I’m so hoping this counts!

    :0) S


    I’m 58 done no exercise since before my 27 year old twins were born and I completed 10 in 50 secs and that was it!!! A total beginner here.

  45. Danielle

    Did 30 fast burpees and seriously puffed cant think of doing anymore!! Took 2:09 so I guess I’m beginner!

  46. Definitely a beginner, did 30 without the pushups in 5 min. At the 5 min mark couldnt see doing any more but not feeling it the next day.

  47. Def a beginner! couldn’t do a full pushup. Did 30 in 4 minutes with pushups on my knees! rough but felt good!

  48. Was able to do 19 in 3 minutes but I just had a baby 3 months ago. I’m excited that I did burpees at all. :) Woooohooo. Go me and go everyone else on this blog. We rock. :)

  49. Shelly M

    Well, they weren’t pretty, but 5:32 was my time.

  50. Francesca C

    I’m a newbie with a chocolate addiction. 6mins 51 secs

    Let the Paleo Challenge begin!

  51. Victoria B

    New here, never done burpees….yikes!! Did 30 in 2:52 and I am wiped out. Thanks!!

  52. Jenelle T

    A beginner: 50 in 6:08.

    room to improve :)

  53. 3:45 but VERY sloppy. Does that count? I’m awfully wiggly right now.

  54. Karen C

    i am solo a very beginner! I did about 15, but did them before I saw all the modifications. I really could not do a burped, because I couldn’t jump back far enough, and definitely not jump back. But I am glad I started. I also just did some push ups on an incline against a countertop. Better than nothing!

  55. Cicindela S

    I am new here. Beginner in every way, Paleo and exercising. I sit many hours per day and haven’t exercised in MANY years. I am 51, 5’3″ and 214lbs. Yup… way overweight. On meds for high BP. I hope I can stick to this and I see some changes fast as a way to get motivated. Thanks for listening! :)

  56. Patrick G

    Just did my test: 50 in 5:30. Tough though. Where do I log this for your records? Does this put me in the intermediate level?

  57. Leen D

    Also a beginner here, did 50 with my hands on a stool and full push ups didn’t go that well. I used to be able to do 25 good push ups, so this is a bit confronting :-/ But I am motivated and ready for the new challenges (eating and moving paleo) hopefully without muscle sprains and back aches this time, since those have held me back since the last 8 years or so… Let’s see where I can get with paleo!

  58. Wendi A

    Did 30 modified burpees in 3 minutes. 150 pounds overweight and very out of shape. Hope to do “real” burpees by June 19, 2015!

  59. didi2867 G

    Hi I’m new to these exercises and diets. I’m disabled with 3 brain disorders but I’m not going to let the medical problems stop me. However, I will have to modify my exercises a little bit so I’ll be successful . I’m 5’2 and 214 pounds mainly because I don’t eat a lot but the wrong food. I Will be successful at this diet no matter what I have to do.

  60. Carrie C

    25 full burpees in two mins 45 second rest then another 25 full burpees in 2 more mins. Wasn’t a big fan of the burpee in 2013 and it appears I’m still not a big fan. I know…say it isn’t so… : )

  61. Kelly R

    Fairly a newbie! Just signed up today but have done several 5k’s this summer… But I did 30 full BURPEES in 3 min and was gonna drop! Whew!

  62. 30 sloppy but complete burpees in 6:20. I foresee soreness tomorrow but LGN in the future!

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