Paleo Plan

Week 52 : Workout 2


This workout was posted on January 20, 2013

Today’s workout involves two movements: the squat and sprinting.

1 round is:

  • 10 air squats (unweighted)
  • 50 meter sprint
  • walk back to start

Beginner – 5 rounds
Intermediate – 7 rounds
Advanced – 10 rounds

You will perform prescribed rounds as fast as possible and record your time.
Workout Time Frame: 5-10 minutes.

It would be good if this was exactly 50 meters, but you shouldn’t stress about it. About 60-70 paces, depending on your height, should get you to about 50 meters. If you’re inside, measure off 5 paces in your house and do the math. As long as you’re using the same distance each time we use this measurement, you’ll be ok.



  • 50 meter jog
  • Fewer rounds


  • Run backwards to start
  • Do jumping squats


The Squat

Standard “air squats.” Feet shoulder width apart, weight in the heels, knees tracking over the toes, hips dropping below the knee, hands in front for balance, and midsection activation.

The Sprint

Do your best to keep your feet and arms pointed forward. Make sure your toes are pointed straight ahead!

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