Turkey Vegetable Meatballs

This recipe takes an Italian classic – the meatball – and spins it into a modern, veggie packed version featuring turkey that is sure to please your Paleo palate.  Taking the place of traditional breadcrumbs; carrots, bell peppers, and mushrooms keep these meatballs tender and herbs and spices pack them with flavor.  They taste amazing served atop Spaghetti Squash Noodles or Spring Herbs and Greens Pasta!

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Turkey Vegetable Meatballs

Servings 4

Total Time: 45 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

Nutrition Information

calories 200

carbohydrate 12g

protein 25g

fat 8g


  • 1 pound(s) turkey, ground or chicken
  • 2 medium carrot(s) (or equivalent of baby carrots)
  • 1 medium bell pepper(s) red or green
  • 8 medium mushroom(s), white button
  • 1 cup(s) parsley, fresh
  • 1/2 medium onion(s), yellow
  • 1 medium garlic clove(s)
  • 2 teaspoon(s) garlic, granulated (garlic salt)
  • 2 tablespoon(s) Italian seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon(s) black pepper freshly ground


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
  2. Combine carrots, bell pepper, mushrooms, onion, garlic and seasonings in a food processor and blend until well chopped.
  3. Empty the food processor into a large bowl, add the ground turkey and mix together completely.
  4. Form meatballs and place on a non-greased baking sheet (about 1.5-2 inches each). Bake for about 25 minutes, or until completely cooked.


  1. Very nice improvement on the update you just did. Please check out however when you print a recipe it prints several pages beyond just the recipe.

    Also I added to the Turkey meatballs about 1/4-1/2 cup of sliced mushrooms in the cuisinart to make the meatballs a little juicer and make the meatballs a darker color like beef meatballs. The next morning I sliced some meatballs and put them into my scrambled eggs with a dash of the leftover cauliflower rice. It gave the eggs a nice warm mild spice taste with the green onion plus all the vegetables from the meatballs made the eggs fantastic and very satisfying. Lovely!!!!

    1. First of all, glad you liked the improvements.

      Second, your right, I completely forgot to style the printed pages. Please try again, they should look very nice and clean now. Let me know if you’d have any other changes.

      Finally, that’s a great tip on the mushrooms and breakfast, I’ll add those to the recipe.

  2. This recipe tastes great too! It is simple to make, and I too added the mushrooms which just added a little flavor and coloring. Another note, pay attention to step 2 regarding generously season … If you don’t they do come out a bit bland. Also, if you are cooking for one in this format, sometimes preparing everything ahead and allowing for variety can be an issue. So this recipe works well if you need to freeze a few portions.

  3. I ran short on time so I decided to bake them in a muffin pan. Also, I used olives instead of mushrooms since I’m not to fond of them.

  4. Ok, so I haven’t ordered your program yet because I wanted to try some of your recipes first. I’m not the Paleo person in the house but I cook for him so I might be a little off on the what is allowed list.
    Anyways, when you say some peppers do you mean one of each or as much as I want or however much measured by cupful chopped?

    I would also like to offer up a suggestion of using zucchini instead of peppers. They are moist and the flavor is less poignant than peppers so you can more easily disguise these as real meatballs. Oh, and I have found that the key to browning meatballs is olive oil in a non non-stick pan. It allows for better browning. However, I did have a hard time browning them without charing them before they were done inside so once they were sufficiently browned I put them on a pan and baked them for about 10 minutes at 350.

  5. This is so ironic, got on the website for the first time although I have been following this diet due to my master trainer from 24 hrs fitness gym. Never seen this recipe. But I made something similar, I made a ground turkey meatloaf. With shreded carrots zuccini, cilantro, bell peppers and onions. Used the leftover for my eggwhite omlet…smile
    I love this diet, it has help me to loose 48 lbs in 3 months

  6. These had a potential to be so very yummy but I had a real problem at first with them being too “wet”. I had to add some almond meal to get them to bind. Did I do something wrong or miss something? I made some with almond meal (not so good) and some with regular italian bread crumbs and the ones with the bread crumbs tasted so much better (and I cant eat those, grrr) Any suggestions?

  7. Hmmm… They ARE a little bland, aren’t they? I’m not fancy enough in the kitchen to think of another spice to add, but I did eat them with organic ketchup (Not sure if that’s Paleo, though :-( ) and then they were really tasty!

  8. Love these! Mmmm and yummy!

    Quick tip, go heavy on the seasoning, use a bit more than what the recipe calls for or they will be bland. Mine were a bit soggy at first, but once I baked them I was good to go. I had to bake a bit longer than the recipe, use your best judgement and watch them.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the turkey meatball dinner before the update & am so disappointed its been taken off the recipes page…would love to get my hands on it.

    1. @Jlacubanag – Looking into this right now. We may have it back up by the end of the day if there was nothing wrong with it. We just added a bunch of new recipes and possibly just took it down to avoid repetition. We’ll see what we can do! Thanks for your feedback.


  10. This was outstanding: served with Paleo tomato sauce and spaghetti squash. I did follow the other reviewer’s suggestion to add an egg for binding. I had no problem with browning (maybe b/c of the egg?) but did notice that the meatballs released quite a bit of liquid. I’d recommend baking on a broiler pan to allow the liquid to drain. All in all-these were awesome! highly recommended :)

  11. This may be a silly question but as I am new to this plan, I’m assuming that it is a pound of raw turkey/chicken meat and not cooked. Also would there be an alternative to the mushrooms as my partner won’t eat them.

    1. dazzyboy10 – No problem. Yes, that’s the raw weight of the meat. And any veggie will do in place of the mushrooms. Maybe try more onions and more peppers to substitute for them?

  12. Thanks Neely. My local market won’t do ground turkey or chicken as they say it isn’t cost efficient as it uses more than what you get back from it so may have to leave out that meal.

  13. We’ve loved nearly all the recipes so far, but not this one. They didn’t brown well and were quite soggy. Also way too oniony- it overpowered the other flavors. We added an egg for binding the meat together, as well as a bit of almond meal (like you would bread crumbs with nonpaleo meatballs) but still they were way too moist and not browned enough. I’d make a couple of suggestions: increase the temp to 400 for browning, and cut back on the onions and mushrooms – I think both release liquid when cooking, which is why these were too wet. We’ll try other veggies instead of onion and mushroom next time.

  14. Mine were runny/too moist as well but I added about 3 tbsp of coconut flour and they turned out perfect! I thought about adding almond flour, but that stuff is moist by nature. And we all know how coconut flour sucks ALL moisture from everything! Now if I just don’t over salt next time, they should be great :)

  15. Made this yesterday, and when my husband tried it he went crazy. He wanted more!!! Then in the morning after our WOD he made two eggs and had and extra turkey vegetable meatball with it, so did I and I must say that it was great and pretty stuffing for a while. So yummy, can’t wait to try it with the spaghetti squash and some sauce!!

  16. I followed the recipe exactly and there are SO many veggies… much more than meat. I can’t even form meatballs as they are more like veggie balls. I am going to just cook everything in a skillet and add marinara sauce. I would definitely double the meat or half the veggie portion next time.

  17. I’m a college student and new to the diet and found your site.( a total godsend.) It’s my first day to be exact. Any tips? I made extra meatballs for later. and used water to bind them. I used paprika as a salt substitute& garlic salt subatitute. I added pepper and Colman mustard powder. I put some celery in it & put it on mixed salad with a little olive oil, lemon juice and pepper. They where super delicious and I didn’t miss the bread. I’m just about to have some fruit. I’m sad though I left my copy of the Paleo book at my summer job. I work at a hospital.

  18. My husband and I LOVED this recipe. He couldn’t even tell there were mushrooms in them and he can’t stand mushrooms!
    I was afraid they wouldn’t stay in meatball form because the mix was pretty wet. While forming the balls, I just squeezed out some of the extra moisture and they came out great.
    We had these over some roasted spaghetti squash with some homemade organic tomato sauce.
    Keeping this recipe and will use over and over again!

  19. These were delicious! I was worried about them being so wet, too, but they held together perfectly and tasted great. I didn’t change a thing.

  20. Made these for the first time and they turned out pretty good…didn’t have the issues that some people had so thought I’d share what I did. I followed the exact recipe because I hadn’t read the reviews until afterwards, except I didn’t have any garlic salt (meant to substitute w/ sea salt and forgot!)
    I purchased the Smart Chicken Ground Chicken…I have found this brand to be the best for my poultry (visit their website – they have a brochure that thoroughly explains their brand and I was VERY impressed!) and I wonder if this was the key to not having the issues of my meatballs falling apart during preparations like others did. I also used the Pampered Chef Manual Food Processor, which really chops all my ingredients up well and made forming the meatballs very easy.

  21. I just made these tonight and had read all of the comments first. They are quite moist and a lot of liquid comes from them. I followed the recipe and then as suggested by one member added the coconut flour as a binder. I haven’t tasted them just yet as I make my meals for the next day (I work 2nd shift so have to do things ahead of time). I also added the spices generously. I’m excited to try them for my dinner tomorrow.

  22. I made these tonight and they were a big hit. I added sea salt and an egg. I also cooked them in a considerable amount of olive oil until they were nearly black. After cooling for a few minutes, they have a nice, flavorful crust on the outside. They would be better accompanied with a sauce, just like any meatball, but this is a recipe I’ll definitely cook again (and I’m not even paleo). Thanks!

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