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Breakfast Smoothie

Servings: 2
Approximate Cook Time: 10 minutes
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2 cup(s) berries, frozen
2/3 cup(s) coconut, unsweetened shredded
1 cup(s) almond milk, unsweetened, (canned coconut milk if you want more calories/fat)
2 large egg(s), (safest if from pastured chickens)


  1. Fill a blender (or magic bullet or whatever) with the frozen berries and quickly pulse with a little hot water to break them up.
  2. Add shredded coconut, eggs, and almond milk.
  3. Continue to blend until smooth, and divide into two glasses.


  1. Added scoop of vanilla whey for some extra protein. Tasted great!

  2. Whey is dairy and therefore not Paleo.

  3. As a holistic nutritionist, I would actually recommend the yolks go into the smoothie too and not just the whites. Of course this only happens when people overdo it on egg whites, but with smoothies, you never know how many and how often people consume them, but eating egg whites can inhibit biotin absorption (a B vitamin) and the yolks contain good levels of biotin. So this is just another check mark in the column for eating the whole food, not just a part, especially not ditching the nutrient-rich yolk. I actually have been known to put only the yolks into my smoothie and cook up the whites on the side to eat with it. Just a thought- love your site!!! Great work and visually very clean (as a graphic designer turned holistic/paleo nutritionist).

    Diane :)

  4. Luther Blissett

    Replaced almond milk with coconut milk. Yummy fat.

  5. Joy Jones

    Is this smoothie intended for one person or two?

  6. texaspaleo

    I just made it using the amounts listed (except I just cracked the whole egg into the smoothie, and I would say this is for one person. Oh and it is delicious!

  7. This recipe needs work… I made a double batch and the only thing it made was a mess. It turned into a berry puree and only 2 cups worth. Please revise.. more water, Ice, whats do i need to thin it out?


    This sounds great but I just can’t bring myself to eat raw egg….

  9. How about leaving the egg out and just scrsbling it on the side to have with the drink? I don’t want to eat raw egg either.

  10. Recipe calls for 2 cups of berries, but only put one in the blender? Are the rest of the berries sprinkled on top, eaten on the side. i would also agree this seems a little light for two athletes.

    • Sorry, the recipe list shows what you need for two smoothies, but the directions are for one (most blenders/magic bullets aren’t big enough to blend two at the same time). I’ll update the recipe.

  11. Dave Traeger

    I dont have any measuring gear so just guessed it out, used half a can of coconut milk instead of the almond milk. Used 1 whole egg instead of the egg whites and in hindsight went under par on the frozen berries.

    Not too bad on the taste but man am I full/bloated. Perhaps I shouldn’t have drank the whole lot if it’s meant to serve 2 :p

    • I have to giggle a little bit about this comment. It is quite a bit of food for one person – mainly the half can of coconut milk. Also, the raw egg may not settle well with every person the first few times. Make sure they’re the cleanest, freshest eggs you can find (preferably local, pasture-raised) so you reduce the amount of bacteria that may be in the eggs or on the shell.

  12. Trevor

    i added a couple carrots and some cellary to this because my wife hates veggies in the morning. Turned out great.

  13. I made this and enjoyed it! I added ice, but thought the coconut was too much, I was chewing it.

  14. Do the berries need to be frozen? I usually have strawberries and blueberries just sittin in the fridge for munching.

  15. Jessica McConnell

    Can this be made the night before and put in the fridge overnight? I only ask because of the eggs.

    • Hi Jessica – I can’t say for sure. It depends on the quality of eggs, I guess. The egg being outside the shell is when it gets a little dicey, since the shell protects it from microbes. I’d make the smoothie the night before and drop the egg in the next morning and stir it up really well.

  16. I’m so not an egg person- it’s a texture/taste thing. :) Any suggestions on what would be a good substitute that would still provide the protein and keep me going throughout the morning?

    • @rtaco2 – One suggestions would be to make the smoothie without the egg and add some meat on the side.

  17. David M.

    Would adding extra soy protein to the smoothie be within the framework of the Paleo diet? Thanks

    • @David M. – No, soy is definitely not part of the Paleo diet for several reasons. Here’s a blog post on that. I’d eat more meat with your smoothie. Or just eat the meat, add some veggies and skip the smoothie.

  18. luther_mcdonald

    I didn’t have the pastured chicken eggs so I replaced them with a couple scoops of almond butter. Not nearly as much protein but it tasted great!

  19. Do you have a suggestion to replace almond milk? I am extremely allergic to nuts. I go into anaphylactic shock, so anything with nuts simply isn’t an option,which eliminates a lot of great recipes.

    • @Elena – how about coconut “milk” – the kind in a carton? Or canned coconut milk or if that’s too many calories, canned coconut mixed with water?

  20. I used to think “EWWW” about raw eggs in shakes, too! ONE DAY, I tried it… can’t taste it, adds to the texture of the shake AND boosts the nutrition. If you’ve NOT tried it, and only THINK you don’t like it, I say go for it. Once. Then, you’d know.

  21. cartertx

    I thought this was delicious. Added some almond butter and flax.

  22. I am scared to use raw eggs…is this a silly fear? Is there a suggestion for a good substitute for eggaphobics?

    • @Megan – Well, if you don’t have pastured eggs, I’d be a little hesitant myself. How about the smoothie with some meat or a hard boiled egg on the side?

  23. @Neely, good idea. Thanks for the help!

  24. Just curious on the paleo plans thoughts on whey protein powder?

    Is it a no go if you want to be paleo, technically its dairy i know

  25. Thanks for your prompt reply Neely.

    You certainly offer up a great argument for why not to take it ; )
    I’ll definitely try to give it up, to be honest its the convenience & cost as to why i use it, I would take whole foods over this stuff any day, but i dont know how i can afford it financially & timewise though.

    Thanks again Neely, you’re a wealth of info & a great help.

  26. NNsurve

    Can you add an a scoop of vegan protein powder to this…like Vibe ALive…they are a pure plant based proetin powder. They are 100% dairy, soy and gluten free.

    • NNsurve – Is the vegan protein powder made of Paleo ingredients?

  27. Could you use coconut butter to replace the coconut? (texture thing)


    Just a note.. make SURE you read the frozen berry part. In my sleepy eyed morning I just saw berry and put in fresh berries. Maybe it is just me but no matter how long I blended, I could not get the gritty feel of the coconut to go away. I don’t know if the two are related? I made the smoothie for one, and ended up drinking half of that before I threw it out.

    I will try again when I have frozen berries and try the above coconut butter tip and hope that helps some.

  29. Ok. I am allergic to eggs so what can I use to replace eggs on this diet?

  30. As a substitue to raw egg:

    1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds
    3 tablespoons water (or other liquid)
    Stir together until thick and gelatinous.

    You can also use whole flaxseeds:
    1 tablespoon whole flaxseeds
    4 tablespoons water (or other liquid)
    Process seeds in a blender to a fine meal, add liquid and blend well.

    You can make a bigger batch by increasing the ingredient amounts. Store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

    I found this by doing a Google search for egg substitute flax.

  31. Ice becomes the critical ingredient to thickness..i used about 10 cubes..perfect..and btw, you dont even taste
    the eggs, but they help fill you up…

  32. JenBarnett

    Can’t wait to try this. I used to make a similar smoothie before going Paleo. I couldn’t handle all the sugar. The eggs will provide enough protein for me to process the sugar from the berries.

  33. joan cesario

    it sounds delicious.

  34. I am starting my Paleo diet journey soon, and look forward to the overall result for many reasons…YES, weight loss is part of it ;) but mainly is for health purposes. A lot of my family members have many health issues: high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart problems…to name a few; therefore I want to live a longer and healthier life, I am still young but lately I lack a lot of energy and I am soooo ready for that to change :). With that said, my question is….and it may be silly one…could you use unfrozen berries and just add ice to the mix? if so, how much ice? :)

    • Neely Quinn

      Melis – Do you mean can you make a smoothie out of berries and ice? Yes, but it won’t have a great consistency in my opinion. I don’t really know how much ice you’d add to the berries to be honest. Anyone else have any ideas?

  35. dianne

    how about useing cartoned liquid eggs?????

    • Neely Quinn

      dianne – I don’t know what the ingredients are. Take a look and you might be able to answer that one yourself :)

  36. For the people who are nervous about eating raw egg, perhaps you can make a custard from the eggs and almond/coconut milk? It’s a little more prep work, but maybe worth the piece of mind?

  37. Just a thought, what if you boiled the egg for 2-3 minutes first to around 65-77 degrees celcius? Just to kill any bacteria from the egg and then throw it in the smoothie? Or would it just be weird having partly cooked egg in there?

  38. daciapage

    Can you use fresh berries instead of the frozen?

  39. Diane

    Hi !
    I so enjoy your website and I love that you are TRULY paleo! Your recipes are absolutely amazing!!!
    I have a few quick questions.
    – Can I use frozen vegetables and are they as good as fresh? I will often cook the meat beforehand and in the morning would bring frozen vegetables for lunch which I heat in the microwave and add a few spices (it also serves as an icepack lol).
    – Exercise: How much exercise per day? The only exercise I do is walk an hour at lunch and Qi Gong Yoga for 30 minutes.
    – Is it correct to say that my plate should consist of 2/3 vegetables, 1 portion meat (size of the palm of your hand), 1 good fat (avocado, nuts, seeds) and 1 portion of fruit?
    – Drinks: Is coffee permitted?
    Thank you soooo very much! Paleo has really changed my health. I feel great… no pain, bloating, swelling and most of all not falling asleep at work at 2:30 in the afternoon. I feel alert and full of energy.
    Keep up the great work!
    P.S. I’m not done going through everything on your website.

  40. erinkkemp

    So.. are farm fresh eggs a no for eating raw? I buy all my eggs from a local free range farm here in canada. Should i just make hard boiled egg on the side instead?

    • Neely Quinn

      erinkkemp – No, they should be fine. Way better than conventional eggs! But of course eat at your own risk. There’s always the risk of salmonella and other bacteria in raw eggs. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, then yeah, the hard boiled egg is a good idea. You can even blend the hard boiled egg up in the smoothie and it just gives it a smoother consistency.

  41. Raeanne

    I don’t eat eggs

  42. erinkkemp

    Ok so I blended hard boiled eggs into the smoothie. Not very tasty at all. I think next time I will risk it and use raw eggs

  43. I made this tonight was canned coconut and frozen strawberries. I Can’t get myself to add raw eggs even pasteurized. I did add a little vanilla extract and unsweetened coconut. Very good and definitely sweet enough.

  44. leeannholman

    This smoothie tasted like a dessert treat! I loved it as is. You can’t taste the egg and I like the coconut texture. This is wonderful :)

  45. Michelle

    I have a variation of this smoothie almost every morning, with soft boiled eggs!! As Neely mentionned above in a comment, it gives a smoother texture which I love (I hate the texture with raw eggs, but when soft boiled wow!!! Amazing). I tried this one day when I finally decided enough was enough and kicked the whey isolate to the curb, and I have never looked back. I boil up 12 eggs at a time which is a huge time saver. Often I even peel them the night before and just toss them in the blender in the morning. For all of you with qualms about raw eggs, forget about eating your cooked egg on the side, throw it in there!!!!! Minimal to zero eggy taste, at least in my opinion. Try it!!

  46. Michelle

    Ps hard boiling eggs makes them taste eggier, so if you find you don’t like the taste in a smoothie, try soft boiling instead.

  47. In response to the holistic nutritionist, my understanding is that liquid pasteurized egg whites have the Avidin neutralized. Since Avidin is what blocks the uptake of Biotin (Vitamin B6), the pasteurization process reduces concern over Vitamin deficiency.

    I published an article on egg white smoothies , and would like your thoughts to make the article as comprehensive as possible.


  48. Alicia

    I home pasturize eggs consumed raw (easy to do, google instructions). If you do it right eggs still look raw when cracked. Works great for homemade mayo too.

  49. kimtran261

    I put a little less coconut than the recipe called for, loved it!

  50. Can you have just almond milk instead of coconut milk?

    • Neely Quinn

      Helen – Yes, but just know that it’ll change the fat content of the recipe pretty drastically. It may not keep you full for as long is you use almond milk instead of full fat canned coconut milk.

  51. Hi, would fresh young coconut water/juice with the fresh coconut inside it also be a substitute for the almond milk and the little amount of coconut you put in the smoothie?

  52. Added 3Fuel instead of the egg with organic fruits! It is so good.

  53. Jennifer

    I’ve read that too many raw egg whites can make your hair fall out- I’m not joking. Albumin? I think is the name of the protein. The whites are harder to digest than the yolks. I’ve always put just yolks in, and save the whites for baking (like macaroons).

  54. I agree that the coconut is too much in this. You end up chewing more than drinking this smoothie! I added more unsweetened almond milk because it was too thick. It also needed to be a little sweeter so I added stevia in the raw or I’m sure you could use honey. Overall not that impressed by this smoothie.

  55. How about adding Pea Protein instead of raw egg and if allergic to almond milk, use coconut milk diluted with coconut water? Will that work for Paleo

    • Mena – Pea protein isn’t technically Paleo. You could always put a hard boiled egg in there and blend it up. It sounds gross, but it’s actually really good :)

  56. Is hemp protein powder/flour considered paleo?

  57. I liked this recipe. Easy to do and delish! It is a little too thick for my liking though and will use a little more almond mild to thin it out next time.

  58. I tempered my egg on the stove with about a half cup of almond milk then refrigerated it till chilled then I made my shake. You can also make a custard using tapioca.

  59. Sounds great but wouldn’t it benefit from some greens?

    Is tapioca on the diet?

  60. Anonymous

    Add a cup of raw almonds.

  61. Add a cup of raw almonds.

  62. Marissa Garcia

    On my 2nd week of Crossfit. Would like to start on a healthy diet as well.

  63. Errika S

    I just made this and forgot the coconut and used flax seed. Delicious!

  64. hannah

    Raw eggs??? Is that really safe???

    • hannah – It’s a personal choice, of course, and we recommend pastured eggs, which will in theory be WAY cleaner than conventional eggs. It’s up to you.

  65. Wow this sounds yummy. Just wondering – we have our own chicks so no probs with fresh eggs, but am I meant to clean the egg shell before I crack it in? From a bacteria point of view… TIA!

  66. Michelle J

    I don’t like coconut at all. Is there a recommended substitute I could try?

    • Michelle – Try throwing in 2 TB. of chia seeds instead of the unsweetened coconut flakes. Remember that the seeds will gel if left for several hours, so you may want to consume it right after making it if you don’t care for that thicker texture.

  67. rather than use a raw egg in the mix, would it be acceptable to use something like “egg beaters”?

    • Hi Chuck – Original Egg Beaters contain extra additives and a coloring agent, so I wouldn’t recommend using it as a replacement. You can use Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites if you can’t find local, pastured chicken eggs.

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