Printing Recipes from the Paleo Meal Plan

I was recently asked about making a document of all the recipes so it could be printed out with the rest of the documents. This totally makes sense to me, and I actually hate having my laptop in the kitchen. However, I’ve been hesitant to do this because I don’t want to create a bunch of paper waste each month depending on what people need. It’s currently easy to print a single recipe from the site, but it’s pretty much one page per recipe, which isn’t really efficient either.

We’ve looked at how other places have done it, such as, and they just shove the recipe into the meal plan page. There is two problems with this; 1. they only do 7 meals a week, which are easy to squeeze into one page-we do a lot more. And 2. It looks terrible and is kind of hard to use. Our goal is to make pieces that aren’t a total mess if you put them on your refrigerator, and function at a high enough level that you can easily scan and follow the recipe.

So, we’re still working on it. We have a few ideas, but we wanted to know what your thoughts were as well. Should we have a document with the week’s recipes that you print out? Should we break the meal plans up into several pages and put the recipes with the meal plans? Or should we stick with letting people print off recipes individually when they need them? We’re hoping to incorporate this by next week’s meals, so let us know in the comments what you think and we’ll do our best.


  1. It really makes little difference to me. I print the recipes out anyway and then put them in a binder so I only have to print them once.

    Another option you have, that might generate a little income for you, is to make/publish a cookbook will all the recipes you’ve collected so far with a page number reference on the recipe. That way some ppl that didnt’ want to print them out could buy the book. (That wouldn’t be me by the way)


  2. I really like the binder idea…thanks gl.

    Also, what if you could make a print option like other recipe ( websites which gives you an option to print the size of the document (ie. 4×6 index card). This would give you an opportunity to print the recipe once and it will fit in your favorite recipe binder or recipe box.

  3. I like the idea of having all of the recipes on the meal plan, but some of the recipes may be too detailed to make that practical. I like the Idea of printing and puting them into a binder for later reference.

    One idea that I loved about emeals when I used it was the meals were numbered and the shoping list referenced a meal number. If I chose not to make one of the meals I would simply cross off all of the items on the list with that meal number. Now I have to look up reciepe and figure out what ingredients are needed and take them off the list. It is a lot more work to pick and choose on the menu.

    So far all of the paleo receipies are great though.

  4. To be honest, I am new to the site but I thought about printing the recipes but found that it was a waste of paper too. So, I copied them and pasted them into an excel workbook and saved the workbook on my desktop. This way, I can open it up any time I need them. Granted, I have to have the laptop in the kitchen, or I can just print it out from there. Last week the recipes were formatted so they could easily be copied. I prefer this so that I can mark them as things I like, dislike, or maybe difficult (for me) to make.

  5. I, too, copy and save the recipes into a binder — no laptop in the kitchen. However, collecting and printing the recipes for the week is a lot of backing and forthing on the website. Having them altogether in one location for the week would be helpful — not as a download, but as a place to print from as needed, since there are times when previous recipes are used in the meal plan, or I chose to substitute one.

    The idea of all the recipes being compiled into a cookbook sounds handy, but as members, we already pay to access the recipes. You might lose members if they had to also pay for a cookbook. And then, the flexibility of adding new recipes would present a problem.

    Having a print size option would be nice, as suggested.

    All the recipes I’ve tried are tasty. One thought — some recipes have gaps, as they seem to assume you know what to do — amounts of ingredients are not specified (chorizo scrambled eggs), and others have directions that are a little confusing. An experienced cook can figure it out, but one who isn’t might have difficulty. Maybe a little more proofing of the text would help remedy that.

    Thanks again for making eating paleo so much simpler!

  6. Doesn’t matter to me either way. However I would at a minimum include hyperlinks on the pdf’s so folks can click them and go straight to that recipe.

    Perhaps making them available in a downloadable format would be nice as well.

  7. I have a rod iron stand I use to display recipe books and placing the recipes on the stand allows me to keep focused on following the Paleo plan when I’m cooking. Friends will also ask me about the recipes, so I share this website….cool!

  8. I know this is an old post but i just thought i would put my two cents in even though it is 5 months to late. I would like the flexibility to have them print a 3×5 recipe card and maybe numbered. Don’t know if you can make the cards an additional cost if we want them. That way when it came time i could just find the number in the recipe box and use it then put it back. Since there are not a million recipies i think this would work great as an option.

  9. I know this a year later than the original, but I love the idea of a recipe book. I belonged to another cooking website which has many healthy diet plans including low-carb gluten free etc. We miss the books that she used to write. It’s gone all to ebooks now. (Another possibility, I guess). The book could be an option for those who want it. In our chaotic household, we’d lose recipe cards. And I hate wasting the paper (and time) printing and reprinting recipes. I guess I’d better start another binder! I have recipe binders but don’t find them that appealing to use, I really like an old-fashioned recipe book. My husband now hands me his iphone with the recipe on it but that makes me nervous!

  10. I’ve been copying two or three to a page and saving as a pdf. Then I put it on my Kindle so I don’t have to bring the laptop into the kitchen. If you had a day’s worth of recipes on each page of a pdf it would work well for a lot of different people (whether they print them for a binder, use their smart phone, an iPad, a Kindle or Nook, or a laptop).

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