Traveling and the NorCal Paleo Margarita

This week I had to run to San Antonio for a work meeting. It was one of those trips where you went from your house to the airport to the hotel to a work dinner to your hotel (sleep) wake up go to the meeting and then straight to the airport to come home.

During the many hours I was in-flight, I figured I’d get started on listening to Robb Wolf and Andy Deas’ podcast. If you haven’t heard it already, it’s fantastic and just jam-packed with great information. The general format of the show is to answer questions that Robb and Andy get. They try and use individual instances to help explain generalities of eating Paleo and such.

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In episode 3 he talks about the NorCal Margarita, and since I was doing some business schmoozing, felt it was an appropriate time to try it myself.

The drink consists of, as he describes it:
* Two shots of Tequila (preferably gold)
* The juice from one lime
* A splash of Soda Water

You should listen to the whole podcast to understand what he means by “better living through chemistry” but he’s right on with this one. The drink is tasty, not too sweet, not too sour. You can’t drink it fast, but you can drink it steady. The one problem is that when you order it from a bar, you’re going to get charged a pretty penny. I recommend asking for a well-drink with lime juice and soda rather than asking for two shots, as you’re going to get charged for two drinks in one, and you’ll drink it just as fast.


  1. I have ordered these myself after listening to Robb. I find the price helps me to moderate my partaking to one or two. I have paid anywhere from $6 to $9 each as described. They are tasty, and I love the look on the servers face when you order and explain how to make it. I avoid the lime juice option because I think most bars use Rose’s and if I am not mistaken there is some other stuff in it that I don’t want. I have also had them with well vodka, not as good but a good substitute.

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