Positive Motivation for Sticking to Paleo


Summer is here. And with it comes several things that make following Paleo a little bit harder. All day BBQs on the weekends, and afternoon invites to meet friends on a patio somewhere after work definitely make Paleo difficult. People will be cooking and making food that is way off from Paleo, and the opportunity to catch up with friends outside, often on a whim, make food planning even more difficult.

I just wanted to encourage you with a few things to keep you rolling and not falling off the wagon.

Keep good food around you
If you get invited out to happy hour on a patio (to have that NorCal Margarita), it’s going to be tough not to order off the menu for some snacks if you’re starving and haven’t eaten since lunch. Having healthy snacks near your desk, and lots of them, will help you get through the happy hour. Also, stopping by a grocery store, even to grab some lunchmeat from the deli, is better than grabbing a handful of fries at the pub.

Be proactive in bringing food to picnics and potlucks
This is a great time to show off some awesome Paleo recipes and prove to your friends your meals are just as good as theirs. Some cauliflower rice underneath some tasty skewers is delicious, pretty easy, and I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love it.

Listen to Robb Wolf
The Paleolithic Solution Podcast is so full of good information, and presented in such a no-nonsense manner, that everyone should be listening to it. And a HUGE benefit to listening is that it reminds you of why you’re making the choice to eat Paleo in the first place. We’ve chosen this “diet” because of the huge benefits to our athletic performance, the huge implications on our overall health, and the huge impact it has on our body composition. But when you listen to Robb Wolf, it also reminds you that there is a chemical war taking place in our bodies, and we’re losing when we eat what our culture asks us to eat. It’s very inspiring and educational; and I’ve found that to be a great way to stay motivated when others are enjoying a big, juicy hamburger with cheese.

Do you have any other tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments.