Paleo-Friendly Salad Dressing


In a few of our recipes we mention “paleo-friendly” salad dressing. We’ve been questioned a few times about this, so we thought we’d post our answer here for everyone.

On the Paleo Plan site, we don’t discuss specific brands of dressing because they seem to change a lot based on the grocery store and geographic location you’re in. But basically, just look for a dressing that is sugar, gluten, and dairy-free. If it passes that test, there’s a pretty good chance this is a dressing committed to using whole foods and will have a short ingredient list. This also means that there’s a good chance it will be paleo-friendly. Do check the label, however.

I prefer the Roasted Garlic and Peppercorn variety from Drew’s.

Drew’s has lots of dressings that are gluten, sugar, and dairy-free. Some may not fit your exact desires or have an ingredient or two you prefer to avoid, but for me, the trace amounts of non-paleo items aren’t a concern considering i use dressing pretty sparingly. (I probably use less than a teaspoon per salad)

However, there are many people who just use some olive oil and fresh ground pepper. And depending on your opinion of vinegar, that’s an option as well.

What do you guys use on your salads? Let us know in the comments.

Caveat: As we often say, your reasons for eating Paleo will determine your tolerance for trace amounts of different items, as well as your opinion on some of the more “controversial” items which seem to be paleo or not paleo based on who you ask. Keep this in mind when choosing your dressing. I know a lot people who eat paleo “most” of the time, and I think it’s better for them to have trace amounts of non-paleo items in their dressing than to break down and have a cheeseburger out of frustration.