What is the Paleo Flex Plan?

I recently got an email asking for some clarification on the Flex day and Flex Plan we send out each week. While this information is available in our Resources section, I also understand not everyone has the time to read the whole site, nor find the answers to their questions. So, I thought I’d re-post my reply here and make see if others had the same question.

What is the Paleo Flex Plan?

The short answer is that the flex schedule only includes 6 days worth of meals–excluding Friday’s recipes from the shopping list. This is designed to facilitate people who know that they aren’t going to follow the Paleo Plan every day that week, be it business lunches, family dinners, date night, whatever. If you know you aren’t going to eat every meal, there’s no sense in buying all the food. However, we also provide the Full list which has all 28 meals for every day of the week.

It’s just a little way we try and make it easier for certain people who want more flexibility.

However, I’m very curious. How do you, our dear members, use this? Is the flex plan valuable? Do you wish it was only 5 days instead of 6? Do you ever use the Full plan? Let us know in the comments what you use and how it works for you.


  1. I use the flex plan every week. We usually end up going out for a meal or two on the weekend. I’d be interested in a 5 day flex menu and shopping list. Otherwise, I just mark out the meals that we’ll be missing from the planner and the list. But that being said, if you did away with the flex list, I’d still be able to make it flex by marking the meals off I didn’t want to do. So I guess I’m happy either way!

  2. I am new to the whole paleo concept. I am trying it on the advice of my personal trainer. I have been cycling the same 3-4 pounds up and down for months. He thought my body may need a carb break so paleo it is.

    Anyway, I am in my 4th week and find the 7 day plan way too much food for my husband and I and am going to use the flex plan this week. I could definitely benefit from a 5 day plan because I have so many leftovers that we never eat every meal in the 7 day leaving a lot of carry over from week to to week. I absolutely love the grocery list!!

  3. Just getting started… but, I would love to see a 5-day Flex Plan option. My schedule look more like 5 days every other week and 7 days every other week. Thanks!

  4. I am thinking of joining. Sounds great! Love the shopping list – always the biggest challenge around here. We never eat breakfast, except maybe on a Saturday, a simple omelette or something. But – a flex plan that left out breakfasts and only included lunches and dinners might suit some people who are not breakfast eaters.

  5. I am in the midst of my very first week using Paleo Plan. It is just me using the plan and I think I might use the flex plan just because it wouldn’t be as much food. I have decreased a few of the recipes to suit one consumer but still come up with extra. I suppose I’ll get better as I progress. All in all, I am really happy with having meals and shopping planned out.

  6. I’ve been following the Paleo diet for about 28 days now and have been documenting the experience on Orlandogymrat.blogspot.com.

    So far, I haven’t found a restaurant that doesn’t have Paleo friendly options (although it may require a little creative shuffling of ‘sides’ and a surcharge for veggies instead of rice, pasta, etc.)

    However, this past weekend was my dad’s birthday, and my wife made an extremely decadent carrot cake. This just so happens to be a major weakness for me, so I had a slice, then another, then felt pretty sick.

    It was the first refined sugar and wheat flour to enter my body since I started the Paleo diet and I felt seriously messed up. Today, I woke up still felt pretty out of it (food drunk?)

    What I am saying is, deviating from the Paleo diet every week (or more) seems like it is harder than just sticking to it all the time and possibly making exceptions for major holidays, events, etc.

    Anyone else suffer the “sugar blues” when they go “off plan”?

  7. I just joined and love the menu and shopping list. While looking over the recipes and menu I would also say I would like a 5 day menu plan and shopping list. I am single and most of the recipes are for 2-8 servings. I will still follow them but will of course have tons of leftovers! This is fine for me but will end up with more ‘leftover’ meals than listed on the menu. I know I can do my own 5 day menu by eliminating a few days and will probably do that next week but having one already set would be great!! Or even better to have recipes that I can adjust easily for fewer servings and that would adjust the shopping list also.

    Thank you for the website as it would so difficult to do this w/o your help!!

  8. I am new to Paleo, but I find having the seven day of meals planned out for me is great! I don’t have to waste any time thinking about what to make. The shopping list has simplified my life. I rarely eat out so having every day planned is convenient for me. This website is amazing! I’m recommending you to all of my CrossFit friends! Thank you for such a well designed program.

  9. A 5 day option would be great. My wife and I like to eat out occasionally and even the flex has been too much food for us. We actually fell off the wagon completely over the past few weeks because my wife didn’t want to do it anymore and it’s too much food and prep for just me. I’m heading to the store now with my flex plan in hand and we’re going to make another push. I do think a 5 day option would be more manageable for us newbies, with the eventual goal of going full. Love what you guys are doing. Keep it up!

  10. I like the 7 day. I wish that you had a way to put in the # of people you are serving (in my case 6) and the recipes and shopping list would automatically update–like they do on the food network and other sites. But, maybe you are already working on that. I hope so :)

  11. This is my first week, and so far I am loving the full menu. I however, have the opposite problem of most. I have my step children 1/2 the week. So adjusting the menu for the number of people would be a great option. Sometimes I am planning for 5 and some days just 2. So being able to adjust servings for individual meals/days would be a great option as well!

  12. This is my first week. I didn’t start until yesterday. I was thinking it would be nice to be able to change the number of people being served. The Flex plan sounds ok the way it is, unless I could pick the meal to omit though.

  13. My roommate and I have been using your site for a few months now, which has been very convenient for the two of us. Prior to using your site, I had been following Paleo on my own, but sticking only to a selct few “safe” dishes. Your site has been awesome for the variety of foods and meals, and so far we have loved everything. As for the grocery list, we dont always get groceries to accommodate every single meal because of our schedules, traveling, or events etc… however we still try to maintain a Paleo lifestyle when not following the direct meal plan. On the meals we wont be able to follow the meal plan, I currently go through the grocery list and meal plan once a week and omit the items we wont be using and omit things we dont need because we have leftover from the previous week. Instead of having a flex day, it would be convenient if we could select the meals from the weekly planner that we would be making, and have our selections populate a grocery list based off our meal selections, instead of going through each recipe omiting ingredients one meal at a time as I currently do.

  14. I love the 7 day. I am brand new to paleo. I do wish I could put in the number of people and have the recipes and shopping list change accordingly.

  15. I prefer the full plan as I eat all the meals. At this point I do not want any fle time…so please keep the full meall plan and shopping list available. Thanks.

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