What is the Paleo Flex Plan?


I recently got an email asking for some clarification on the Flex day and Flex Plan we send out each week. While this information is available in our Resources section, I also understand not everyone has the time to read the whole site, nor find the answers to their questions. So, I thought I’d re-post my reply here and make see if others had the same question.

What is the Paleo Flex Plan?

The short answer is that the flex schedule only includes 6 days worth of meals–excluding Friday’s recipes from the shopping list. This is designed to facilitate people who know that they aren’t going to follow the Paleo Plan every day that week, be it business lunches, family dinners, date night, whatever. If you know you aren’t going to eat every meal, there’s no sense in buying all the food. However, we also provide the Full list which has all 28 meals for every day of the week.

It’s just a little way we try and make it easier for certain people who want more flexibility.

However, I’m very curious. How do you, our dear members, use this? Is the flex plan valuable? Do you wish it was only 5 days instead of 6? Do you ever use the Full plan? Let us know in the comments what you use and how it works for you.