Robb Wolf’s Post on Tim Ferriss’ Blog


We recently got an email asking about Robb Wolf’s new book, and the discussion that took place at Tim Ferriss’ website. We thought it was worth sharing our answer, so here it is. We’ve posted the original question, followed by our answer. Let us know in the comments what you think.

Original Question: I am sure you saw the recent post by tim ferriss and the book by Robb Wolf. Just curious, does your- the Paleo Plan web site- and his book believe in the same things about the Paleo plan? The most interesting statement I read in the post was that if you happen to get one thing- that he recommends that you shouldn’t you are kinda screwed and have to start over to reclaim the benefits. Thus I was a little worried about your flex day. Let me know your thoughts. I am very interested and love your site and service. I am definitely thinking about signing up.

Our Answer:

The Paleo Plan is a huge fan of Robb Wolf, and between him and Dr. Loren Cordain, we subscribe as closely as we can to their principles.

To answer the primary question first, the Flex Day is not an invitation to “cheat” on the Paleo Diet, but a chance for our members to recognize that they may not need as much food as we prescribe, that they have date nights or lunch meetings, or whatever that keeps them from eating all home-cooked meals. However, it’s up to the individual what they fill their meals with when not on the Paleo Plan. We obviously recommend salads or paleo foods at restaurants, and we recommend you eat as Paleo as you can whenever you can’t cook at home. It’s possible, just usually not as tasty as other options, so it takes discipline.

And secondly, I believe that in Robb’s discussion, he’s saying that if you really want to recognize a difference, and to see for yourself if gluten is making you sick, then you have to quit cold-turkey for at least a month. I don’t think he means that you can never-ever eat gluten, but he’s trying to convince people of the benefits of gluten-free lifestyle, so thus, he has to have them stay off it for at least 30 days so they can accurately notice the difference.

I know several hard-core paleo people that blow my mind with their commitment, but even they have a piece of pizza or a beer once in a while, and they are the healthiest people I know. I think it’s just getting to a place of true understanding of your body so you can truly assess the trade-offs. Again, we don’t prescribe to cheating at all, but to education and an understanding of your body.

I hope this helps.