Danish Meat Loaf

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Danish Meat Loaf

Servings 4

Total Time: 90 minutes

Cook Time: 90 minutes

Nutrition Information

calories 411

carbohydrate 6g

protein 30g

fat 33g


  • 1/2 pound(s) pork, ground
  • 1/2 pound(s) turkey, ground
  • 1 large egg(s) beaten
  • 4 tablespoon(s) almond flour (alternatively use half coconut flour and half tapioca flour)
  • 1 teaspoon(s) sea salt (optional)
  • 1/2 teaspoon(s) black pepper freshly ground
  • 1/4 cup(s) coconut milk, full fat
  • 1 tablespoon(s) coconut oil lard, or tallow
  • 1 medium onion(s) finely diced
  • 6 medium mushroom(s), white button or cremini sliced
  • 3 slice(s) bacon


  1. Preheat oven to 400 F.
  2. Add coconut oil or fat of choice to a large sauté pan over medium heat. When pan is hot, add onion and mushrooms and sauté until softened and slightly browned (about 10 minutes).
  3. While the onions and mushrooms cook, mix ground meat, egg, almond flour, coconut milk, sea salt (optional), and black pepper in a bowl.
  4. Combine mushrooms and onions with meat loaf mixture.
  5. Shape into a loaf in an ungreased baking pan, and add the bacon strips across the top of loaf.
  6. Bake for 50-65 minutes, or until fully cooked. There might be "soup" surrounding the loaf which you can just throw away or freeze for later use as stock in a real soup.

Photo courtesy: Paige Claassen
This recipe inspired in part or in whole from here


  1. It was delicious. I really liked the bacon on top. Perhaps a little less coconut milk than suggested to make it a little more solid. I made it for my parents who don’t eat Paleo. They enjoyed it as well and are excited to make more gluten free dishes.

  2. This was great!! I made it with lean ground beef and loved it. Even my son said that it was good…trying to make the whole household Paleo.

  3. I’m going to be the odd man out. Normally I’m a huge fan of bacon on top of meat but this was awful!! First paleo meal that I didn’t like.

    1. Hey there – thanks for the feedback. What was it that you didn’t like about it? We’re always trying to improve our recipes…

  4. I think that it was just bland and there was a greasy after taste. I also think that the smell of it cooking was not at all what it tasted like and that might of thrown me off. The veggies were great though.

  5. I made some changes to the ingredients and instructions for this recipe today. Greatly decreased the amount of coconut milk, decreased amount of bacon, and changed the meat to be half pork and half lean meat of choice. The meat loaf is firmer and less greasy with the changes. Also made some changes to instructions so it’s quicker to prepare and cook. I had it for dinner tonight and loved it – hope you guys do, too:)


  6. Hi Neely,

    I saw this recipe and wanted to try it for dinner. You said you made some changes to the recipes, esp. the coconut milk amount. Is the recipe listed above the original or is it the revised one? I know my fiance would rather the meatloaf be more firm than soupy so I wanted to check that the recipe above was the one with lesser milk.


    1. Jenny – I don’t actually have the original recipe as I just edited the existing one and didn’t save the old one. I believe the only changes I made were 1) subbed 1/2 pound ground turkey for the ground pork and 2) cut the 1 cup of coconut milk down to 1/4 cup. Hope that helps and sorry for removing the recipe! I won’t do that again.

  7. I added squash, carrots, cauliflower and zucchini (in addition to the onions and mushroom). I diced/minced them in a food processor. It helped make the disher lighter and added more veggies. I used the pork and turkey combination and it was amazing.

    1. SandyTalavera – Just added it! Thanks for letting me know :) You can only see it when you’re logged in, but I’ll give it to you here: 4 servings yields 411 calories, 6 grams carbs, 33g fat, and 30g protein per serving.

  8. My family LOVES this recipe, as in surprised they loved it and eagerly ask for it again and again. On New Year’s Day, a friend offered this chef’s tip for “finishing” each serving. After removing the cooked meatloaf from the oven and letting it sit for a few minutes, cut individual serving slices and transfer to a hot skillet to crisp/carmelize the sides. Can’t wait to try it this weekend!

  9. Loved the original recipe!! It’s a house favorite here! Trying the revised recipe tonight, we’ll see how we like it.

  10. We loved this dish! We are on week 3 of your plan and honestly have enjoyed every dinner so far. We couldn’t wait for lunch to eat the remained of this meat loaf!

  11. Adore this recipe (the revised one with 1/4 cup coconut milk) asked my hubbie what he wanted for his birthday dinner – guess what?! Lol

  12. We’re not big into meatloaf (like, I’ve NEVER made it) but this was really good! Halved the recipe for my son and me. Instead of chopped onions and mushrooms, I tossed the onions, mushrooms, peppers, and a carrot into the mini food processor then cooked it in a pan before adding to the meat mixture. That turned into about 1 really packed cup, added moisture to the meat so I didn’t use any milk, and this put some veggies that son normally wouldn’t eat into him with no arguments. Also, great tip from another poster about carmelizing the slices, added a very satifying crunch. Looks I’ll be making meatloaf more often!

  13. I tried this and had doubts that it would be that tasty……. WOW!!!!! Blown away, that was sooooo yummy. and definitely the only way I’ll make a meatloaf from now on! Thank you sooooooo much! *mind-blown* :D

    1. Hi Catherine,

      I’m so glad you loved the recipe! Yes, the nutritional info is per serving. Enjoy!


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