Paleo Ice Cream

Paleo Ice Cream with Fruit

A perfect fix for the ice cream craving.  See our post on it here for more info.

Recipe makes 2 servings.
Approximate Prep Time: 30 minutes
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1 can(s) coconut milk, full fat (403 mL)
1/4 cup(s) coconut sap, or raw honey
other ice cream ingredients/flavorings, (cocoa powder to taste, spices, frozen fruit, nuts, vanilla extract, etc.)


  1. An ice cream maker is needed for this recipe. We recommend this one.
  2. 1. Blend all ingredients.
  3. 2. Place in the ice cream maker and wait about 25 minutes.
  4. 3. Enjoy!


  1. gtdyche

    I did a version of this today with toasted pecans etc… Simple and delicious; my daughters both loved it!

  2. Christina

    This is so yummy and easy!!! I added cinnamon and vanilla, it is delicious!

  3. Lilly

    I know it’s done with coconut milk…and this might be a stupid question, but how strong is the coconut flavor? or can you not taste it?

    • Neely Quinn

      Lilly – I can’t really taste it, especially because you put other things in it usually. I’ve never had a non-Paleo friend eat it and say, “gross, this tastes like coconut.” They’re actually usually surprised that it doesn’t taste like coconut, and that it tastes so much like dairy ice cream.

  4. Erika

    I was trying to “pin” this but it wont pin it comes up as 504? Anyway…Love this recipe, trying it today!! Thank you!

  5. Sisqa

    Love the recipe cause it is so simple. Tried it with cocoa powder and agave nectar and semi-sweet chocolate chips…even though I could have left those out. Still looking for no sugar chocolate chips…

  6. PKHPaleo

    Made this tonight using coconut sap. It was delicious and very sweet. I got a pretty strong coconut flavor from it which isn’t necessarily bad. I plan to experiment using honey and agave nectar over the next few tries.

  7. Jim

    Can you subsitute lactos free milk?

    • Neely

      Jim – Lactose is often not the problem for people, and lactose free milk usually comes from conventionally raised (bacteria-laden) cows that don’t provide very nutrient dense milk. I’d just avoid the milk altogether for the first month, then add it back in if you want (from a pastured source) and see how your body responds.

  8. Nicole

    If you don’t have an ice cream maker is there another option

    • Neely Quinn

      Nicole – Yes, you can make ice cream the old fashioned way with ice and salt and the ice cream ingredients. It just takes longer, but I’ve done it. It’s kind of fun, actually :) Just google “make ice cream” and there are zillions of recipes.

  9. Hannah


  10. martin

    how about raw cream

  11. Ulrike

    I just made this with 1 tin of coconut milk, some pancake syrup I wanted to use up, and 3 or 4 peach halves from a tin. Absolutely delicious!

  12. Michael

    Just made a batch with honey and it’s pretty good. What about using raw goats milk? Is that paleo enough ?

    • Neely

      Michael – Dairy (in any form from any animal) is something that should be taken on an individual basis. If you can tolerate goat’s milk, and you KNOW you can tolerate it because you’ve experimented with not eating it for a while and then reintroduced it successfully, then go ahead and eat it. But definitely experiment with any kind of dairy so you know.

  13. Mama Lewis

    Can the Coconut Sap be substituted w Stevia or Xylitol?

  14. cara

    do these dessert recipes also help you lose weight?

    • Sally Barden Johnson

      Hi Cara,

      No, I wouldn’t say Paleo desserts “help” you lose weight and excess sugar, even Paleo approved sugar such as honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar can derail weight loss efforts. Sweets, even those that are Paleo should be an occasional indulgence ranging from a couple of times a week to only a couple of times year, depending on your health, your goals and your lifestyle. Here’s a really great article all about Paleo desserts that should help you decide if indulging once in a while is right for you,


  15. Kelsey Dowdle

    What about cacao powder instead of cocoa? Would that work?

    • Molly

      Hi Kelsey – Absolutely, cacao powder would work well in this recipe.

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