Is the Paleo Diet Worth Trying Out?


As you probably know by now, our modern society has developed awareness on the need to stay healthy and fit. This is precisely why hundreds of diets of all types and descriptions have cropped up over the years. Regardless of which diet you choose, all of them have a handful of things in common. These include increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, and cutting back on either carbohydrates or protein. Despite these common themes, the Paleo Diet still manages to stand out due to its adherence to the diet and eating habits of our earliest ancestors: the cave dwellers who once roamed the plains and savannahs of the world.

As the name suggests, the Paleo diet is taken from the word “Paleolithic,” an era in time we now refer to as the Stone Age. For this reason, the Paleo Diet is also called by many as the “Caveman Diet” and the “Hunter and Gatherer Diet” due to the focus on foods that would have been hunted by our ancestors, such as meats and seafood, as well as foods that can be gathered, like seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits. In its most basic definition, the Paleo diet only includes foods eaten by our ancient ancestors. This was before man would learn how to farm, raise livestock and begin to consume dairy products such as milk, butter and cheese. This type of diet may seem like a gimmick, but science has shown that our earliest ancestors were healthier and stronger thanks to the foods they consumed, which were composed of high-protein meats, fresh seafood and organic fruit and vegetables free of chemicals.

Even if you are suspicious of the efficacy of the Paleo diet, there is no denying that its focus on lean meats, fresh seafood and organic fruits, nuts and vegetables could only be  good for your body. The only debatable area is whether high-protein consumption is a good thing or not. Those who make their own Paleo meal plan have reported good results, many of them belonging to fields where physical fitness is necessary. Professional athletes have taken a particular liking to the diet due to its basic components, which include lamb, game meats, pork, beef, turkey, chicken, seafood and your typical selection of organic fruits and vegetables. The result is a diet filled with nothing but nutritious, high-energy and strength-building foods.

So now that you know what the Paleo diet plan is all about, should you really give it a try? That decision is totally up to you. Even with the number of good reasons to go on a Paleo diet, it may work out for you. Individuals who need more carbohydrates for example, may not find this high-protein diet ideal. It all boils down to your preferences, so make sure you know what you are getting into before taking the plunge.