Calcium and Salt – Discussion with Cordain

Want to know what Loren Cordain says about calcium and salt? Watch this. Despite her quirky interviewing style, this discussion might answer some questions you have about getting enough calcium and eating salt on the Paleo diet.


  1. Calcium from Dairy is not needed by the body, we believe that natural calcium from fruits and vegetables is that which the body can absorb, and the dairy calcium actually gets in the way of the needed calcium from fruits, vegetables, and water. It is very important that the bodies’ electrolyte system be in perfect balance. There is a gland in your body that does just that. It spends 24/7 making sure that your electrolytes are in prefect balance, (calcium, magnesium, potassium , and sodium) as it is what holds the cells together. That gland requires minute amounts of calcium! The gland is working overtime to make sure that all of the excess calcium is filtered out of the cells and bones. Guess what is probably left in your arteries, organs, etc, since the body can not get rid of this foreign form of calcium.
    We were never meant to go into a field and milk another species that is feeding their baby. No one does that to us. No other species does that. Think about what you have to do to produce milk in a cow so that you can have your milk.

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