How the Paleo Plan Naysayers are Wrong


Say for a moment that there isn’t a conspiracy between pharmaceutical giants, the chemical industry, the food industry, the AMA and the FDA. Health costs would be going down, cures would be arriving for such things as cancer and heart disease, and good food would be helping to increase our longevity. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Where did the fairy tale go wrong? Could it be greed? Yes, that same bug that bit the Wall Street elite also bit other industries, too. And the love affair with money has been going on for the last century—at least this latest version.

Conflict of Interest

Think about it for a moment. If you are a publicly traded company and your fiduciary duty is to the shareholders, are you going to want your company to find a cure for anything? Wouldn’t a cure be bad for business?

Would a pharmaceutical company fund research which would put them out of business?

Say that there is no conspiracy. What a cozy coincidence that the chemical industries that treat food and create drugs are making a killing coming and going. They make the chemicals that weaken your body and make it susceptible to all forms of maladies, and they make the drugs which treat and maintain the patient, but never cure.

So, would you believe those same industries if they told you anything about what is and isn’t good for your health?

Manufactured Illness

A recent YouTube sensation, “The Cancer Report,” detailed the history of this evil alliance and everything they’ve done to create and then to protect their monopoly on your state of health (or illness).

That report reveals that the idea that red meat causes cancer is nothing more than a chemical industry confidence job. It indicates that the natural form of the meat is harmless! Health problems are caused by “the sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate that are added to ‘red meats’ by the food and chemical industries.” Even if such a fact were scientifically authenticated numerous times, your doctor is unlikely to know about it.

Where does the funding for the major medical schools come from? Does anyone smell “conflict of interest” burning somewhere near here?

Perhaps it should not be surprising that any sanctioned studies never use organic foods because the results would prove to be damning to the slant that makes the most money.

Back to the Caves

The Cancer Report sums it up nicely regarding this evil alliance: “They want us to believe that we are somehow being sickened by natural foods, which were never a problem during the previous 9,000 years, instead of realizing that it is their poisons sickening us.”

So, if a doctor or well-meaning loved one tries to warn you of the evils of the Paleo Plan or caveman diet plan, you can nod, smile and let them in on the biggest, dirty little secret in American history. Their health and even their lives may depend on it.