5 Ways You Save Money with the Paleo Diet


In these tough economic times, we all want to save money, right? The Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet Plan produces some pretty amazing results not only for your health, but also for your pocketbook. And can you believe that it tastes great, too?

1. No more packaged and processed foods.
These typically are far more expensive than the natural originals and far less healthy. And the money part should be obvious. The food companies want to make a profit. So your new diet denies them that. You save money and feel far better, too.

2. Reduced need for pain treatment.
If you’re suffering from tendonitis, arthritis, or other similar ailments, you may be in for a real treat. Typically, not only is there a reduction in such symptoms, but you save money on pain medications. One of our nutritionists even ate her way into remission from rheumatoid arthritis.

3. Greater mental clarity.
How much time do you spend on forgetfulness or mental fogginess? If you suffer anything like this, a good healthful diet can restore your effortless charm and wit, plus eliminate all those extras you have to pay for, like late charges on bills you forgot to pay.

4. More energy.
When you have more energy, you can get more done in a shorter period of time. Option 1: You don’t have to hire a maid or other help, because now you have the energy to do it all yourself. Option 2: Combined with greater mental clarity (#4, above), your energy allows you to work harder as well as smarter, making far more money so you can now afford to hire two maids, a chauffer, a gardener, a butler, and have lots left over for a vacation to your favorite tropical paradise. Option 2 may not actually save money, but it sure feels like it.

5. Fewer doctor visits.
Even if your insurance covers everything at the doctor’s office, you can save on gasoline and automobile wear and tear from all the trips.

The Paleo Diet cannot promise all of this, but some of the testimonials are pretty compelling. Here’s a small sample:

“Stopped anti-inflammatory drugs…”

“This is my first week on the Paleo Diet and I am already experiencing clear headedness, looser joints and no aching anymore. Wow!”

“No more aching joints…”

“I was already gluten-free, but the idea of cutting out so many other foods was pretty intimidating at first…. I’ve been on Paleo for almost two months now… And I’m feeling great–more energy and less lethargy.”

“Tendonitis in my knee has cleared up…”

“I wanted to say that I started following the Paleo diet approach about two months ago, in part to try and address some arthritis concerns. I have lost thirty pounds in the two months, and my energy level has been much more consistent.”

“Lost 30 pounds while relieving arthritis symptoms…”

So, there you go. If they can do it, you can, too. Stay healthy!