Tell Us Your Cheats and Win!


I told you in this blog post that I wasn’t doing the 30-day Paleo challenge, but that my New Year’s resolution was committing to training my ass off for rock climbing. Well, I have been doing that. In fact, I did everything my coach told me to do (and then some), and it turned out to be too much. I’m now nursing an inflamed forearm and two creaky fingers, waiting impatiently to climb again. I realized that what my coach told me to do was too much – it just didn’t fit my body. I need more rest and fewer days in a row working my fingers and hands than what he wanted me to do. I need to modify the plan and make it my own.

The point of this is that some of you guys have probably modified the Paleo diet plan (whether you’re on our meal plan or not) to fit your own lives. You’ve likely figured out a couple things that DO work and a couple things that DON’T work for you. Well, I want to hear about all the things you’ve changed to make this diet your own so far.

I’ve talked before about The Importance of Cheating. Are you “cheating” and having conventional meat, dairy, sugar, beans, whey protein powder, or other foods that technically aren’t Paleo because it just makes your life easier? Are you drinking coffee during this challenge because you’re really not ready to cut it out yet? (Coffee is technically not NOT Paleo, but during this challenge I’ve asked you to cut it out). Is there anything else you’re doing or eating that some Paleo narcs would call you out on? Tell me about it in the comments.

Here, I’ll start. I feel like I’m in a confession booth… I eat Daiya (fake) cheese sometimes, ginger chews with sugar (gasp!) in them, and probably way too much coconut milk ice cream for my own good. I also don’t go to bed early when it gets dark, I spend way too much time with my Apple contraptions, and not enough time sprinting. The thing is, I still feel pretty awesome, and I think that people make concessions all the time that work for them, even though they’re not perfectly Paleo things to do. Tell us about it and win the following:

1. Paleo People Granola 4-Pack
2. A $50 voucher from Applegate Farms (meat!).
3. A Variety Pack from Tanka Bar, including Tanka Bars, Tanka Bites and Tanka Sticks. Have you guys ever tasted a Tanka Bar? Oh my. It is wonderfully sweet and savory, and it’s made with buffalo, cranberries, and spices. They’re one of my favorite meat products ever, and that’s saying a lot. Check them out here.

How To Enter
Just tell us in the comments below how you’re cheating, er, modifying the diet to make it your own. You don’t need to be doing the 30-day challenge to enter in this contest. Let’s be real here and come down off our Paleo high horses. Submit a comment by Thursday evening and you’ll be automatically entered to win. I’ll pick the winner on Friday and tell you all in the comments who the winner is.

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