Winner of Photo Contest and End of Challenge Announcement

The Winning Photo by Janet Fitzpatrick – Paleo Ice Cream!

Thank you all for submitting your delicious-looking photos of the recipes from Paleo Plan for the last contest! After reviewing them all, I chose the photo above taken by Janet Fitzpatrick. I know she’s been dedicated to eating Paleo, and trying to get all her friends and family to make the switch, too. So congrats, Janet! You’ve won a Well Fed cookbook by Melissa Joulwan, a subscription to Sarah Fragoso’s new program, a quart of coconut oil from Tropical Traditions, and a 4-pack of Paleo granola from Paleo People. Plus, your photo is now displayed on our Paleo Ice Cream recipe page here. Thanks again!

Moving on. We are coming to the end of our 30-Day Paleo Challenge. How many are still with us!? I hope MANY. And I hope you’re all feeling the benefits of this change, now that you’re past the detox period and you’re figuring out what works for you.

Prepare Yourself For The Final Contest
The 30 days are technically up on February 7th – this coming Wednesday. The final contest is going to involve some before and afters. I’m going to want your stories. How have you changed? What benefits have you found in this way of eating? How have your blood markers changed? How’s your fitness, strength, power now? Your mood? Your relationship and sex life? How are those nasty symptoms of yours, or have you forgotten all about them? And last of all, have you lost any fat mass and traded it in for brawny muscle tone?

Give me all the details. But not yet. What I want you to start doing is preparing your story. Give yourself this last week to be strict with yourself and get the best results you possibly can. Be hard on yourself – disciplined – for the next 6 days so that after you’re done with this challenge you will know you gave it your all. Then decide if you want to keep eating like this or start eating your old favorites.

Start writing down your progress and your successes. Next week, you’ll take measurements – weight, body fat percentage at your gym, waist, hips, etc.) – and get your blood work done by a doc or some other practitioner if you’ve had it done in the last 6 months (I can order a pretty substantial blood work panel for you for $150 if you need it – just email me at Start figuring out when you’re going to have all this done, and plan your workouts so you can measure your progress compared with day one.

I just wanted to give you a heads up about all of this so you can get your ducks in order. Now, I don’t need ALL of this information, but the more stats to show your progress the better. And to let you know that there will be a male and a female winner. The grand prizes will be:

1. US Wellness Meats – $75 Gift Certificate

2. Applegate Farms – $50 voucher

3. One Year Membership at Paleo Plan worth $89

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