Burpees +1 Check-In!! (Time your 25!)


Hey all!

If you started your Burpees +1 challenge on the day we posted it (Jan 27th) then today (Feb 20th) you should be on day/burpee #25. Woohoo! You’re a quarter of the way done – congrats!! (If you started your challenge later, no worries, just update us here when you get to day 25).

We wanted to do a check-in to see how things were going with you, and hopefully have you time your 25 burpees, so we can see how you’re doing. So let us know how you’re doing, how they’re feeling, if you’re scaling them, doing them first thing in the morning… whatever! Misery loves company, and we want to know if you need some.

Be on the lookout soon for another little challenge we’ll be throwing out to you, it has to do with hydration…