In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet


Here’s the official description of this new movie that’s being released tomorrow by Hunt Thompson Media.

“In Search of the Perfect Human Diet™” DVD
Travel through time and around the world with host CJ Hunt as he embarks on an unprecedented global exploration to find a solution to the exploding epidemic of overweight, obesity and diet-related disease.

I am so excited about this movie that I pre-ordered it (you can do that here) and I’m sitting at my door until it arrives. Netflix, why don’t you have it in your queue yet!?

This is the kind of movie that we’ve all been waiting for: something else to substantiate the growing wave of Paleo/Primal people’s food choices. I think we should all buy a copy, watch it and then pass it on to our favorite friends, who can then pass it on to their friends and family. And so on. We finally get to see what we’ve been reading about in book and listening to on podcasts. Let Cordain, Eades and all the rest of the experts in this movie show people what they really need to know about the way we were designed to eat.

I can’t wait to watch it! I encourage you to show your support by buying this DVD, so they can continue to tell the public how to solve our obesity and diabetes epidemics. Well, that’s how I think they can be solved, anyway.


  1. Very excited, I just ordered my copy today! Can’t wait to watch and share with friends and family. My mom just started eating Paleo two weeks ago and she is doing great!

  2. I have long believed that eating a “primitive” diet such as our ancestors ate would lead to better health. I am a biologist and understand that we evolved eating natural whole foods. I have just discovered your program, and am interested in it. However, I have a number of issues with it:

    1)it seems like a scam because of the way you sell it. If it was a real good program, why would there not just be a good book available, rather than the subscription plan?
    2)what about cholesterol in a high-fat low fiber diet?
    3)Primitive peoples were hunter-gatherers and ate primitive grains and wild legumes, as they were available to them.

    1. Mary N Taitt – You’ll have to read more about the diet, since the main premise is to cut out grains because their anti-nutrient content often causes digestive and immunological issues for people. There actually is a book – our ebook – that we laid out for people who don’t want to do the subscription service. Plus, we recently wrote The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Eating Paleo, so there’s another option for you. About the cholesterol myth, please refer to Chris Masterjohn at The Daily Lipid, or our Complete Idiot’s Guide for more info on it. It’s simply not true that eating fat causes heart disease. Also, there’s more fiber in this diet than a typical American diet, so that’s not really an issue. Primitive people may have eaten grains sometimes, but most often they did not. When it was a staple in their diet, it certainly was prepared in a more thoughtful manner in order to rid the final product of as many antinutrients as possible. Hope this helps.

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