PaleoPax Provides Snacks and Surprises


If you’re the kind of person who loves surprises AND you need more Paleo snacks in your life, PaleoPax is your answer. Basically you subscribe for as little as $18 per month, depending on your appetite, and they send a hand-selected variety of Paleo snacks to your doorstep to keep you honest when you’re on the run or travelling. The items are a surprise, but you can let them know about any special food needs you have (no nuts, no coconut, etc.)

Here’s what Alex Morgia, the founder, has to say about his company.

Our real mission is to introduce our users to healthy paleo foods that they wouldn’t otherwise know about, to taste without having to purchase them individually. For example, buying Mulberries alone would cost you $4.49 plus $3.99 shipping. You’d spend $20 pretty quickly exploring the web and trying out paleo products one at a time, and with our service you get more value and no hassle.

We are introducing people to shelf-stable paleo foods. Basically things to make it easier to stay true to paleo when traveling, packing a lunch, or find it otherwise inconvenient to eat recently cooked food. Of course fresh food is the #1 choice, but when you strictly can’t make it happen, grass-fed, soy and sugar free jerky is better than a slim jim.
He sent me a sampling of their products so I could see what you might receive every month. You can order up to 10 boxes every month and each box contains 5 to 7 hand-picked Paleo snacks from producers around the United States. Check out more details about subscription options here. I personally enjoyed the Seabear Salmon and the Blueberry Bear Fruit Bar so far.

So that’s about $16.58 in product if you were to receive all of those in one month. If you’re doing the $18/mo subscription, that’s not a bad deal at all with shipping costs. Also, if you love the snacks from PaleoPax, they’re setting up a store on April 1st where you can buy the products you’ve sampled whenever you want them.

Right now PaleoPax is giving Paleo Plan readers and subscribers a $5 off coupon until the beginning of April. Lucky you! You just type in “PaleoPlan” in the coupon code box when you’re checking out to get the discount. I think this company is a great, affordable option for people who want to try out different snacks every month while staying Paleo.

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