The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Eating Paleo – Our New Book!


Screen-Shot-2012-04-02-at-10.10.59-PM.pngI can’t tell you how excited we are about our new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Paleo, published by Alpha, a division of Penguin. We’ve hinted at this for a while now, but the time has come – it was officially released today, April 3rd, 2012!

We’re proud to say that Mark Sisson of kindly wrote our foreword. He said nice things like it’s “the perfect crash course for regaining that essential connection”. And “It’s direct, practical, and utilitarian, with the perfect amount of style and personality provided by authors Neely and Jason.” Thanks, Mark!

So the book is not actually only for idiots :) You can read it, too. Or your family members or friends you’ve been wanting to introduce to Paleo. We tried very hard to make this book an explanation of all the phases the diet has gone through:

  • What the Paleo diet started out as (what our ancestors ate)
  • What Dr. Loren Cordain and others first brought it to the table as (low saturated fat, dairy is totally out, canola oil’s ok, very low starches)
  • What it is today (saturated fat is good, dairy is ok for some people, canola oil not so much, and starches are fine for some people).

It’s confusing for people when they’re trying to start out! They get info from one book or website and then go to a different source and find they recommend the opposite thing. We tried to streamline it and explain where all the different beliefs and paradigms come from. It also contains:

  • a simple guide to the foods that are and aren’t Paleo
  • an overview of the scientific literature backing up the diet and some awesome testimonials
  • what you should do as an athlete on the diet
  • what to eat at restaurants
  • how to lose weight on the diet
  • how much it might cost to eat Paleo
  • how to save money on the diet (like how to buy pastured meat in bulk)
  • how to revamp your refrigerator and pantry
  • some cooking tips (like how to use all the different oils and fats)
  • what supplements you need (or don’t need)
  • over 150 recipes
  • 6 weeks of our signature Paleo Plan meal plans
  • and a lot more practical information about the diet

We’re hoping that this book will be a go-to for people who’ve heard about the Paleo diet and want an overview of what it is and simple instructions on how to change their diet. The book is simple to understand, and it answers all the common questions we know people have, thanks to you guys and your comments and emails to Paleo Plan. Plus, our wit will carry you through to the end :) We hope you consider suggesting or gifting this book when you’re introducing friends and family to the diet. And if you buy it and like it, we’d love it if you’d review it on Amazon, as that helps people know if it’s good or not.