3 Brazen Lies the Food Industry Would Like You to Believe


Is there an evil conspiracy going on? Perhaps not. Perhaps the evil is merely a product of creeping greed — avarice that has crept into the food and chemical industries and into government as a natural consequence of opportunity and disregard for consequences. Would those industries and their friends in government attempt to suggest that the Paleo diet was merely a fad? Would greed be a powerful enough motivation? It’s possible. Here are three lies the food industry would like you to believe.

1. Good tasting means it’s good for you. I’m not sure anyone believes this, but based on the behavior of the American public and the rates of obesity and other health-related problems, one can assume that people “feel” the food is “good” for them, otherwise they wouldn’t eat it.

2. Our added chemicals are safe. The number of chemicals that find their way into our bodies should raise all kinds of alarms, but the food and chemical industries have a deadly pact to make their cash cows seem appealing. And the American government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is little help, because they have a vested interest in helping their business partners. After all, those who retire from their government positions frequently acquire cushy jobs in the private sector — in the very industries they once oversaw. Does that taste like a “conflict of interest” to anyone?

3. The poisons we feed our animals won’t affect your health. The FDA once denied that the poultry industry fed their chickens an arsenic compound to make their flesh more appealing for market. If you look at a photo of a natural chicken and a modern, chemical-fed chicken, the poisoned one is far larger and plumper. That’s good for sales, but not good for health. And only recently did the FDA admit that arsenic was being used, but they said it was a form of the poison that is perfectly safe. The US government made it seem that radiation was perfectly safe in the early 1950s. That didn’t last long.

Sanity with the Paleo Diet
Thousands of years ago, humans didn’t have problems with so many chemicals — additives, hormones, preservatives, packaging and the like. They had fresh food directly from nature. Their game was fed directly from nature, not doped with hormones, genetically-modified grains, arsenic and other poisons which serve no other purpose than to make the industry more money.

A recent article, “The Shocking Truth about Cancer Statistics,” revealed a possible connection between cancer rates and the wealthier nations. The only areas where there was not a direct correlation were wealthy nations which did not have a Western-like culture like Libya, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. The key difference between the high-cancer nations of the West and these low-cancer, prosperous countries is a lack of Western foods with all their packaging and chemicals. Cancer rates plummet without all of those Western poisons.