Product Review: That’s It Fruit Bars


Have you guys heard of That’s It Fruit Bars yet? I was lucky enough to try these tasty treats and I wanted to let you know about this new Paleo snack food. They’re bars that are made entirely of dried fruit – that’s it – hence the name…

It’s no accident that I used the word “treats” in the last paragraph to describe these bars. They are sweet and pretty high in carbs, especially sugar, just like you’d expect any dried fruit to be. So I’d suggest these to either have on hand when you’re having a sweet craving, or for endurance athletes who have trouble getting in enough carbs.

They have 3 flavors for sale here:

Apples + Pears (made from 1 apple and 1 pear)

Apples + Cherries (made from 1 apple and 10 cherries)

Apples + Apricots (made from one apple and 3 apricots)

I tried all three and all three were delicious. They cured a sweet craving I was having, and with only 100 calories per bar I didn’t feel too concerned about it.

They cure sweet cravings because each bar houses 22 to 24 grams of sugar, which is about the same as a Lara Bar. That’s my biggest issue with Lara Bars – too sugary. But I think there’s a little too much carb restriction going on in the Paleo world lately, so I’ll leave that decision in your hands where it belongs. My only other issue is that they’re not made with organic fruits. However, they’re non-GMO, so that’s good. At about $1.65 per bar, they’re reasonably priced, but if they were organic the cost may be prohibitive.

All in all, I liked all these bars and I love the fact that they’re made of only two ingredients. I’m sure a lot of you will like them, too! Again, check them out here if you want more info on them. The website is very informative.