PaleoFX DVD’s Available!

PaleoFX for saleIf you missed the PaleoFX conference in March, here’s your chance to experience the content of that wonderful melding of minds. The PaleoFX DVD set is no longer for sale for $197.

I wrote a review and recap of the conference in my blog post, “The PaleoFX Conference: A Success“. So check that out to find out more about my thoughts on what was said, and who was saying it.

To sum it up, though, the conference was hosted by Kevin Cottrell and Keith and Michelle Norris in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas – Austin. There were three stages that were graced by the likes of Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, C.J. Hunt, Jack Kruse, Chris Kresser, and of course, me :)

I was part of a panel that discussed how to make the Paleo/Primal movement go mainstream, during which I had a little argument with Robb Wolf, despite my enormous respect for him. Love that guy.

Some of the main speaker topics included Robb Wolf’s how to run a gym awesomely, Chris Kresser’s truth about cholesterol, and Jack Kruse’s why you should sit in an ice bath on a regular basis. There were mastermind panels that included Paleo/Primal favorites like Emily Deans, the Whole9 pros, Dr. Lane Sebring, Keith Norris, Stacy of Paleo Parents, and so many others. It was a whirlwind event with a lot going on all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the attendees end up buying the DVD’s because they missed so many talks while they were listening to someone else speak or doing MoveNat outside with Erwan Le Corre.

So again, the link to buy the DVD set is no longer available.


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