Our Mostly Paleo Wedding

Since I bombarded you with blog posts over the last two months about wedding planning, wedding recipes, and the fact that I couldn’t do much in the way of blogging (or anything else) because of wedding planning, I thought it would be fitting to let you know how the wedding actually went.

On Sunday, June 17th (yes, Father’s Day – oops), I married Seth Lytton, my best friend and boyfriend of almost 7 years. We had a very small ceremony near Manitou Springs, CO at a family member’s rustic cabin. There were 23 people there – all close family plus one friend for me and one friend for Seth.

Being married for all of 2 weeks now has somehow made me feel more sure, more loved, more loving, and more secure. He’s with me for better or for worse, and that makes me very happy.  Plus, we had the best photographer ever, Cary Jobe of www.caryjobephotography.com, so I’ll intersperse this post with some photos :) Here’s one of our flare for the wedding. We couldn’t be too normal, after all!

So how was the wedding Paleo? Well, even though most of our family members are Paleo already (or mostly Paleo), we forced it upon them whether they liked it or not that whole day :) The daytime ceremony was held at a cabin secluded in the woods where the only food was what we’d made them – smoked beef, chicken, and pork on a delicious salad with fruit and Paleo banana bread as sides. The banana bread recipe will be up on the blog this week.

We didn’t provide our guests with any sodas or overly sweet drinks, or alcohol for that matter. Not during the day, at least.  The last thing I wanted was my Floridian and Chicagoan family members getting wasted at 7,000 ft elevation on their second day in the state, so water and tea it was!

After the ceremony, we went down to Manitou Springs to the Craftwood Inn for an amazing, Paleo dinner. And drinking.

I had a few of the most expensive gin and tonics I could find (with lime) because the more expensive the gin, the purer it is! And everyone else imbibed whatever Paleo or non-Paleo drinks they wanted. We then had our choice of  the following for dinner, all served with roasted potatoes and a salad with raspberry vinaigrette:

1. Sage Seared Antelope, White Fig & Port Reduction  
2. Roasted Durango Bass, Walnut & Whiskey Olive Oil Pan Sauce 
3. Spinach & Feta Stuffed Breast of Chicken, Pine Nut Sherry Sauce (for the dairy eaters)

I had the antelope, which I was too busy eating to take a picture of. It tastes like beef, in case you were wondering. Delicious beef. That was all after our chocolate covered strawberries, bacon wrapped scallops, and slow cooked buffalo-wrapped jicama appetizers…

And for dessert? Those Paleo-ish cupcakes I talked about plus a surprise addition of macarons made with almond flour…

The day and evening were amazing – delicious, exciting, joyful, blissful, and full of love. Here are just a few more of my favorite photos. Again, thanks go to our very talented photographer, Cary Jobe, who by the way is very willing to travel to far-off places to shoot your special day :)

My gorgeous sister and mother…

My new husband getting used to his new ring…

And Seth and I…




  1. I’m a newish reader and I never commented, but I have to tell you that your dress is BEAUTIFUL!! And those shoes!! I am so not a shoe (or fashion in general, for that matter) girl, but serisously? *SWOON*

  2. Congratulations! I just got married last year, I know how much work it can be……but I can’t imagine a Paleo wedding! Good for you! It did make me think of a couple of questions…..

    What are considered to be Paleo alcoholic drinks? And where can I find almond flour (and really, how is that paleo….I’m familiar with the Paleo diet, but I’ve never heard of almond flour before!)

    This is a great website, I’m really glad I found it!

    1. Ainsley – Thanks! And congrats on your recent wedding, too! Here’s a post I did on alcohol and Paleo: http://www.paleoplan.com/2011/09-01/alcohol-and-paleo/

      And you can find almond flour in health food stores, health food sections of conventional grocery stores, and online like on Amazon. It’s Paleo in that it’s made of nuts and nuts are Paleo. But I don’t ever suggest that people eat too much of it for the same reasons I don’t think people should eat too many nuts in general.

  3. Awww… Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the compliments. And those shoes captured my heart the second I saw them, too. I had to practically fist fight with my mother to get her approval to wear them :)

  4. Congratulations! You are a very handsome couple and I like your style. The shoes are killer. :) Your mom’s dress rocks, too! Perhaps an unconventional compliment to the bride. Haha.

  5. Congrats! You both look great! Such a beautiful and intimate ceremony. Did you make the macaroons? ANd I agree with everyone else…the shoes? Badass.

  6. Very awesome Neely! We just were married ourselves on June 9th :) You just barely escaped the start of the fires too! When I was in college, a large group of us would go out climbing to Shelf every Spring and Fall. I am supposed to be headed back there in September, and I am not looking forward to seeing the scars left behind driving through Colorado Springs and that general area…

    Regardless, you’re wedding turned out beautifully!

    1. Stephanie – Congrats on your marriage and thanks for writing! And I’m not looking forward to the bare black trees, either :(

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