Paleo Calendar?

We’ve been throwing around the idea of making a Paleo calendar, sort of like the firefighters’ calendars or the rock climbers’ calendars or the (enter awesome thing here) calendars of the world.

We were thinking we should have no problem filling 12 months’ worth of pages with inspirational, delicious pictures. But not of food; of you. 

We could fill the pages with before-and-after shots or just fantastic “after” photos showing off the goods that eating Paleo helped you get. They’d have to be pretty high quality photos, but we know you guys like to tinker with your expensive cameras.

What do you think? Should we do it? Does anyone have any photos they’d be willing to submit so you can lay your claim to your 15 minutes of Paleo fame? Calendars are a great way for people to be reminded daily of their aspirations and goals. Let’s inspire some people with your healthy, strong bodies, shall we?



  1. Awesome idea. Would be a great inspiration. I would recommend the coach/owner of CrossFit Industrious.
    He is a true representation of Paleo, eating healthy and staying fit.

  2. Lovin’ it. As a yoga teacher, aged 68; most assume I am at best a vegan and at worst, a vegetarian.
    As a practicing Paleo-ite for over three years, I enjoy spreading the word and photos, each chance I get, to
    showcase a different set of choices. My success with this diet influenced my decision to become a
    certified instructor, after age 65. Who knew?

  3. I no longer use a calendar – everything is in my computer or Blackberry – more environmentally friendly and easier to track, synch and organize activities.

  4. Good idea. Could you include little reminders like why beans are bad. I’m using Paleo more for health benefits than weight loss so if you could emphasize that for a couple of the months, that would be good. Not sure how to show that in photos but people are creative.

  5. YES! I would love for the people in ‘my’ world see how healthy it can make us all to live and eat this way! I looove Noreen’s idea above too. Add the notes! Also maybe add in food/snack alternatives with those notes!

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